60+ BEST ChatGPT Prompts for Writing Emails (2023 EDITION)

Sick of wasting time crafting emails or settling for lackluster results?

Struggling to compose effective emails for outreach, follow-ups, apologies, newsletters, and more?

ChatGPT Prompts for Writing Emails
ChatGPT Prompts for Writing Emails

Leverage the power of ChatGPT prompts to eliminate email frustration and start writing high-converting emails in minutes.

How to Use ChatGPT for Writing Emails?

Here are some tips for using ChatGPT to write emails:

  • Provide Context – Explain who you are, who you’re emailing, and why. This context will help ChatGPT understand the tone and content needed.
  • Give Examples – Show ChatGPT 2-3 example emails similar to what you want generated to teach it the desired structure, voice, and style.
  • Specify Email Type – Tell ChatGPT if you need a cold outreach email, follow-up, thank you note, apology, newsletter, etc. Different email types follow unique formulas.
  • Set Guidelines – Give instructions like ideal word count, sentences per paragraph, and tone (professional, casual, enthusiastic, etc.) to control the output.
  • Edit as Needed – Review ChatGPT’s draft and edit to perfection. You can even copy-paste the edited email back into ChatGPT to have it revised further.

With the right prompts and iterations, ChatGPT can greatly accelerate your email writing.

Next, we’ll explore prompts for popular email types.

6 Email Types and Example Prompts

ChatGPT Prompts for Cold Email Outreach

ChatGPT Prompt for Cold Email Outreach
ChatGPT Prompt for Cold Email Outreach
  1. Write a cold email to introduce my social media management services to the marketing director at ABC Company. Mention their great social media presence and offer a free 1-hour consultation.
  2. Draft an email to [email protected] expressing interest in their new AI accelerator program. Highlight my machine learning background and desire to connect.
  3. Compose a cold outreach email to [email protected] regarding the open back-end developer role. Briefly explain why I’m a great fit and suggest a phone call to further discuss the position.
  4. Construct a cold email to [email protected] to offer my graphic design services for branding and marketing materials. Reference their impressive new projects and suggest scheduling a meeting.
  5. Please write a friendly cold email to [email protected] to pitch me as a guest for their entrepreneurship show. Compliment their podcast and mention topics I could discuss.
  6. Generate an intro email to [email protected] to offer my services in creating social media content and managing their platforms. Note their beautiful studio and say I’d appreciate discussing a collaboration.
  7. Formulate a cold outreach email to [email protected] to introduce my tech blog and suggest possibilities for a guest article about emerging devices.
  8. Put together an email to [email protected] expressing interest in sponsoring their upcoming event as a tech vendor and offering booth space.
  9. Craft an email to [email protected] regarding the open engineering role. Highlight my 10 years of experience in JavaScript and my interest in the position. Suggest a phone call.
  10. Write a friendly cold email to [email protected] expressing interest in handling social media for some of their talents. Reference my background in digital marketing and building engagement.

ChatGPT Prompts for Following Up After Meetings

  1. Construct a follow-up email to send after meeting with a potential client yesterday. We discussed social media marketing services. Thank them for their time, reiterating their excitement to work together, and suggesting meeting again Tuesday at 2 pm to finalize details.
  2. Write a follow-up email to [email protected] after our meeting about my developing a new website for their small business. Recap our discussion, confirm the next steps, and propose meeting again next week to review the sitemap.
  3. Compose a follow-up email to [email protected]. We discussed the full-stack developer role. Thank her for the interview, reiterate my interest, share links to new projects, and ask about the timeline for the next steps.
  4. Generate an email following up with the principal at school after observing a class yesterday. Thank them for hosting, confirm I’m excited to teach there, and suggest speaking Friday to discuss the schedule.
  5. Create an email recapping my job interview yesterday with [email protected] for the paralegal position. Express continued strong interest in the role, provide any requested additional materials, and ask about the timeline.
  6. Formulate a follow-up email to [email protected] after viewing homes last Saturday. Narrow down the top 2 choices, ask about the next steps for making an offer, and suggest meeting again this weekend for a final decision.
  7. Draft an email following up with [email protected] about the freelance writing opportunity we discussed yesterday by phone. Pitch 2 new article ideas based on our conversation and reiterate interest in contributing.
  8. Compose a follow-up email to [email protected] after our creative call Tuesday. Outline the new branding strategies we aligned on, confirm the next milestone, and propose a meeting again next week.
  9. Construct an email following up with [email protected] whom I pitched my startup idea last week. Address any concerns raised, reinforce our value proposition, and suggest a call to discuss moving forward.
  10. Write a follow-up email to [email protected] after submitting my portfolio for representation. Thank her for reviewing my materials, express continued excitement to join the agency, and restate how I can contribute.

ChatGPT Prompts for Thank You Emails

ChatGPT Prompt for Thank You Emails
ChatGPT Prompt for Thank You Emails
  1. Write a thank you email to [email protected] expressing appreciation for excellent service, timely deliveries, and help to grow my small business. Let them know I look forward to our continued partnership.
  2. Compose a thank you email to [email protected] expressing gratitude for the opportunities, mentorship, and growth during my time at the company as I depart for a new role elsewhere. Wish him the best.
  3. Create a warm thank you email to longtime customer [email protected] who referred several new clients over the years. Tell him I genuinely appreciate the referrals and value his continued loyalty.
  4. Construct a thoughtful thank you email to [email protected] who wrote me a recommendation letter for a fellowship. Express how much I appreciate her taking the time and share how meaningful her support is.
  5. Generate a thank you email to [email protected] for the job offer to join the legal team. Express excitement to accept the role and gratitude for the opportunity to contribute.
  6. Compose an email to [email protected] thanking them for their generous donation to the silent auction fundraising event. Share details on how their gift will make an impact.
  7. Formulate a thank you email to a coworker, commending her for excellent work on a recent project. Thank her for going above and beyond and for being a supportive teammate.
  8. Write a warm thank you email to [email protected] who hosted me for a weekend getaway at their vacation home. Tell them how much I appreciated the hospitality and restorative getaway.
  9. Create a thank you email to send to [email protected] expressing appreciation for the generous year-end bonus. Share your gratitude for the recognition and reward.
  10. Construct an email thanking [email protected] for taking the time to meet with you. Express thanks for your insight into the role and company and that you look forward to hearing their decision.

ChatGPT Prompts for Apology Emails

  1. Please write a sincere apology email to the client for missing a project deadline due to an unexpected illness. Take full responsibility, offer to make it up, and express regret for the inconvenience.
  2. Construct an email apologizing to [email protected] for my poor performance on the recent project. Explain the circumstances around what went wrong, and how I plan to improve, and request your patience.
  3. Compose an email to [email protected] sincerely apologizing for a shipping error that caused a delayed delivery. Offer a discount on their next purchase and express regret for the mistake.
  4. Write an email apologizing to a coworker for speaking harshly in a meeting. Admit fault and explain I was stressed and took it out on her unfairly. Ask for forgiveness.
  5. Create an apology email to [email protected] for missing her birthday party with a poor excuse. Admit you made a mistake, were thoughtless, and want to make it up to her. Seek her understanding.
  6. Formulate an email to the client apologizing for a billing error resulting in an overcharge. Take full responsibility, explain the correction, refund the difference, and express regret.
  7. Generate an email apologizing to the hotel manager for any noise or disruption caused when you hosted a get-together in your room. Take full responsibility and promise it won’t happen again.
  8. Write an email to [email protected] expressing regret for being disruptive and using my phone in class yesterday. Explain I was irresponsible, apologize, and promise better behavior moving forward.
  9. Compose an email apology to [email protected] for having to back out of speaking at their event at the last minute due to an emergency. Convey extreme regret.
  10. Construct a sincere apology email to [email protected] for missing an important deadline. Explain the circumstances, take full responsibility, and outline a plan to get back on track.

ChatGPT Prompts for Email Newsletters

ChatGPT Prompt for Email Newsletters
ChatGPT Prompt for Email Newsletters
  1. Write a draft promo email announcing a sitewide 15% off sale this weekend for my e-commerce customers. Include details of the promotion, call to action, and link to the site.
  2. Compose an informative monthly email newsletter recapping popular products and trends for my fashion brand subscribers. Include 2 new arrivals, design tips, and a promo code.
  3. Construct a back-to-school email newsletter for parents subscribed to my tutoring business. Share study tips, class supply lists, fall schedule reminders, and discounts on the first session.
  4. Create a new email promoting the launch of online cooking classes to my subscriber list. Explain the virtual format, class details, scheduling, and limited-time sign-up promotion.
  5. Formulate an email announcing new virtual yoga class offerings to current members of my studio. Highlight class styles, schedules, registration details, and promotions for trying new classes.
  6. Write a quarterly newsletter email for my accounting services clients recapping popular tax changes, summarizing business trends, and previewing end-of-year tax tips.
  7. Compose a monthly newsletter email for my gym subscribers with new class additions, membership updates, protein powder promo codes, and tips for prepping for summer outdoor workouts.
  8. Construct an email promoting my handmade jewelry shop’s new bridal collection to past customers. Describe designs, customization options, and limited early access sale information.
  9. Generate an email announcing expanded delivery zones for my meal prep subscription service. Share cities added new menu items, and coupons for readers to try first order risk-free.
  10. Draft a quarterly nonprofit newsletter for donors recapping the impact over past months, upcoming initiatives, stories from those we’ve helped, and donation links.

ChatGPT Prompts for Other Common Email Types

  1. Write a professional email to the hiring manager following up on the job application and resume submission. Restate qualifications and interest in the role. Ask about the hiring timeline.
  2. Compose an email to new contact made at a conference following up and suggesting a meeting for coffee to continue the conversation. Propose 2-3 dates and times that work.
  3. Construct an email to an external vendor requesting a quote for completing a specific project. Provide high-level project details, specifications required, and request for pricing breakdown.
  4. Create an email to colleagues recapping key decisions and action items from today’s team meeting. Send for review to ensure alignment before proceeding.
  5. Formulate a polite email to a friend explaining the need to cancel upcoming dinner plans due to unexpected schedule conflicts. Apologize and suggest rescheduling. Offer to cover next dinner.
  6. Write an email to the hotel manager requesting a refund for an unsatisfactory stay. Explain issues experienced politely yet firmly and request a refund for the inconvenience.
  7. Compose an email to the potential client following up after sending the proposal last week. Ask if they have any additional questions and offer to set up a call to discuss further.
  8. Construct an email to social club members announcing the upcoming holiday party with date/time details. Provide registration link and request food preferences/RSVPs.
  9. Generate a professional email to the university alumni organization to introduce yourself upon graduation. Express interest in joining, networking, and giving back.
  10. Draft an email to the customer with updated shipping information for delayed item orders. Apologize for the inconvenience, share the expected new delivery date, and offer a promo code for future purchases.

Optimizing Emails With ChatGPT

While ChatGPT can deliver quick drafts, expect to refine its output to match your voice.

Here are tips for optimizing AI-generated emails:

  • Have ChatGPT rewrite its draft in different ways to give options to choose from.
  • Edit emails for clarity, concision, grammar, sentence structure, and flow.
  • Ensure the tone and vocabulary align with your writing style.
  • Tweak formatting for visual appeal and readability.
  • Personalize emails to recipients by referencing past conversations, connections, etc.
  • Run spellcheck and grammar check tools as a final step.
  • Ask colleagues or mentors to review emails for additional feedback.

With a few iterations, you can enhance ChatGPT’s initial versions into emails ready for sending.

The more examples you give over time, the more its outputs will conform to your preferences.

Final Thoughts

Leverage ChatGPT’s natural language prowess to eliminate email writer’s block.

With the right prompts and examples, it can deliver quick drafts for outreach, follow-ups, newsletters, and more.

Refine its outputs into polished emails tailored to your goals, and your inboxes will never feel empty again.

Go forth and chat your way to email success!

FAQs: ChatGPT Prompts for Writing Emails

Can I Use ChatGPT to Write Emails?

Yes, ChatGPT can be used to write initial drafts of many email types by providing it context and examples to teach it the appropriate tone and structure. Expect to refine its outputs to match your style.

How Do I Prompt ChatGPT to Write Sales Emails?

Prompt ChatGPT to write sales emails by giving 2-3 examples of effective sales outreach emails you’ve sent. Explain who you are emailing and desired outcome. Provide guidelines like length and tone.

Can I Use ChatGPT for Work Emails?

You can utilize ChatGPT for work emails by giving appropriate context about your company, colleagues, and professional environment. Specify the formality needed and edit drafts to align with your corporate communication standards.

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