135+ SMART & BEST ChatGPT Prompts for SEO (2023)

Struggling with poor rankings despite your SEO efforts?

Instead of endlessly tweaking your site, leverage ChatGPT Prompts for SEO to unlock AI-generated ideas and solutions.

ChatGPT Prompts for SEO
ChatGPT Prompts for SEO

Get proven keyword research prompts, optimized content templates, and link-building advice to boost your search visibility and traffic.

How to Use ChatGPT for SEO?

Here are some ways SEO professionals can put ChatGPT to work:

  • Keyword research – ChatGPT can help generate long-tail keyword ideas, find LSI keywords, classify keywords by intent, and more. This allows you to research what terms your audience is searching for.
  • Content optimization – Prompt ChatGPT to analyze existing content, write SEO-focused meta titles and descriptions, generate alt text, and more. This saves time when optimizing pages.
  • Link building – Have ChatGPT find authoritative sites to pitch guest posts to and craft personalized outreach emails. This makes earning backlinks more efficient.
  • Technical SEO – Use ChatGPT for tasks like generating FAQ schema markup, hreflang tags, robots.txt rules, and .htaccess rewrite rules. It can save dev time.
  • Plagiarism checks – Ask ChatGPT to rephrase content to pass plagiarism checks. This allows you to repurpose text safely.

Comparison of Different SEO Prompt Types

Prompt TypeDescriptionExample Prompt
Keyword ResearchPrompts that help generate keyword ideas and research data“Provide a list of 10 long-tail keyword ideas around the topic of content marketing”
Content IdeationPrompts that generate high-level content ideas“Give me 5 headline ideas for blog posts about local SEO strategies”
Content ExpansionPrompts that expand on existing content“Write a 160-character meta description for a blog post titled ‘Beginner’s Guide to On-Page SEO'”
Meta DescriptionPrompts related to outreach and link-buildingPrompts that generate meta-descriptions
Link BuildingPrompts related to outreach and link building“Provide a cold outreach email template requesting a backlink from [website name]”

Key Benefits of Using ChatGPT for SEO

Here are some of the main advantages of using ChatGPT for SEO work:

Benefits of using ChatGPT
Benefits of using ChatGPT
  • Saves time – ChatGPT can instantly generate things like meta titles, alt text, email outreach templates, etc. This is much faster than doing it manually.
  • Improves results – With thoughtful prompting, ChatGPT can provide optimized suggestions tailored to ranking goals. This leads to better on-page SEO and content.
  • Removes writer’s block – Stuck coming up with content or outreach ideas? ChatGPT helps get creative juices flowing again.
  • Scales capabilities – A single SEO can accomplish more by using ChatGPT to automate repetitive tasks.
  • Provides fresh ideas – ChatGPT looks at questions from new angles, bringing unique perspectives to SEO challenges.
  • Reduces plagiarism risk – Rephrasing existing text through ChatGPT makes it unique enough to pass checks.
  • Works 24/7 – ChatGPT is always online and ready to provide suggestions at a moment’s notice. No need to wait for feedback.

Best ChatGPT Prompts for SEO

Below we’ve compiled 150+ battle-tested ChatGPT prompts for SEO.

These are split into prompts for keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, technical SEO, and more.

You can copy and paste prompts directly into ChatGPT to start getting useful suggestions immediately.

Just be sure to provide additional context on your niche, target keywords, and goals.

20 ChatGPT Prompts for Keyword Research

Thorough keyword research is the foundation of any successful SEO strategy.

Here are 20 prompts for unlocking ChatGPT’s potential for finding untapped keyword opportunities.

ChatGPT Prompts to Find Long-Tail Queries

Long-tail keywords drive significant search traffic because they precisely match users’ intent.

Here are 5 prompts for discovering relevant long-tail keywords for targeting.

ChatGPT Prompt to Find Long-Tail Queries
ChatGPT Prompt to Find Long-Tail Queries
  • Prompt 1: Please provide a list of 10 long-tail keyword ideas relevant to [niche] that are low competition but have decent search volume I could target to increase traffic to my site. Include keyword difficulty data if possible.
  • Prompt 2: I need help expanding my list of long-tail keywords for my [type of site] focused on [primary keyword]. Please provide a list of 10 more specific long-tail variations I could create content around to capture more traffic.
  • Prompt 3: I want to write an in-depth, long-form blog post targeting [broad topic]. Please suggest 5 long-tail keyword phrases related to this topic that are underserved by competitors but have strong traffic potential. Include keyword difficulty data if you can.
  • Prompt 4: What are 5-10 ultra-specific long-tail keyword ideas related to [primary keyword] that could work for blog post titles or meta descriptions? The goal is to rank well by targeting hyper-relevant keywords with low competition.
  • Prompt 5: Please suggest 5-10 three to five-word long-tail keyword phrases that expand upon [primary keyword] and describe sub-topics I could create focused content around. These should have at least 100 monthly searches and be fairly easy to rank for.

ChatGPT Prompts to Get LSI Keywords

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords help search engines understand conceptual connections in content.

Here are prompts for uncovering LSI terms.

  • Prompt 1: Please generate a list of 10 relevant LSI keyword variations for the target keyword “[primary keyword]”. These should be semantically related terms and phrases that I can incorporate into my content to improve relevance.
  • Prompt 2: What are 5-10 closely related keywords and phrases that are important to include when creating content optimized for “[primary keyword]”? The goal is to integrate important LSI terms to help search engines make contextual connections.
  • Prompt 3: If I wanted to write content targeting “[primary keyword]”, what secondary long tail and LSI keywords should I include throughout the post for optimal SEO value? Please provide 10-15 keyword suggestions.
  • Prompt 4: Can you suggest 5-10 closely related secondary keywords and phrases that would appeal to readers searching for content about [primary keyword]? My goal is to naturally incorporate relevant LSI terms.
  • Prompt 5: I want to write a comprehensive blog post about [primary keyword] but need help identifying related keywords and phrases to integrate for optimal search relevancy. Please suggest 10 relevant LSI terms.

ChatGPT Prompts to Classify Keywords by Search Intent

Identifying searcher intent is crucial for targeting keywords properly.

Here are prompts to categorize keywords.

ChatGPT Prompt to Classify Keywords by Search Intent
ChatGPT Prompt to Classify Keywords by Search Intent
  • Prompt 1: Please categorize the following list of 10 keywords related to [niche] based on searcher intent – whether the searcher is looking for information, looking to take action/convert, or researching with commercial intent: [provide a list of 10 keywords]
  • Prompt 2: I need help determining searcher intent for the following keywords related to [niche]. Please categorize each keyword as either informational, transactional/commercial, or navigational based on what the typical searcher is looking to do: [list keywords]
  • Prompt 3: Can you review these 10 keywords related to [niche] and group them into categories based on underlying searcher intent? Please place each one into informational, commercial/transactional, or navigational buckets.
  • Prompt 4: I want to better understand searcher intent for keywords related to [niche]. Please take this list of keywords and classify each one based on whether the searcher is likely looking for information, looking to purchase something, or navigating to a specific site: [list keywords]
  • Prompt 5: Here is a list of 10 keywords related to [niche]. To improve my keyword targeting, please categorize each keyword by the underlying searcher intent: Informational (researching a topic), Commercial/Transactional (wanting to make a purchase), and navigational (looking for a specific website).

ChatGPT Prompts to Build Keyword Clusters

Keyword clustering involves grouping closely related keywords around topics.

This allows you to create comprehensive, cluster-focused content.

  • Prompt 1: Please take this list of 20 keywords related to [niche] and group them into logical keyword clusters based on common themes and topics they relate to. Try to identify 5-7 logical groupings.
  • Prompt 2: Here are 10 keywords relevant to [niche]. Can you help me organize them into keyword clusters based on similar themes and topics? Please create 3-5 groups that make thematic sense together.
  • Prompt 3: I’m trying to organize these keywords related to [niche] into logical clusters for content creation. Please analyze the list and group the keywords into 5-7 buckets based on common underlying themes or topics they relate to.
  • Prompt 4: Please review this list of keywords related to [niche] and identify logical ways to group them into clusters based on similar themes and subjects. The goal is to come up with 5-7 buckets that I could create dedicated content around.
  • Prompt 5: To better structure my content, I need help clustering these keywords related to [niche] based on common themes and subjects. Please analyze the list and place them into 5-7 topic-based groups.

70 ChatGPT Prompts for On-Page SEO & Content Optimization

Crafting optimized on-page content is crucial for rankings.

Here are 70 prompts for using ChatGPT to streamline content optimization.

ChatGPT Prompts to Perform a Basic On-Page SEO Analysis

Before creating content, it helps to analyze what needs improvement on existing pages.

Here are prompts to have ChatGPT assess on-page SEO.

ChatGPT Prompt to Perform a Basic On-Page SEO Analysis
ChatGPT Prompt to Perform a Basic On-Page SEO Analysis
  • Prompt 1: Please review this page [insert URL] and provide 5 recommendations for improving its on-page SEO in terms of things like title tag, headings structure, meta description, image optimization, etc.
  • Prompt 2: Can you analyze this page [URL] and provide feedback on 5 areas of on-page SEO I could improve? Focus your review on things like page speed, alt text, heading tags, meta titles & descriptions, etc.
  • Prompt 3: Please take a look at this page [URL] and provide an optimization analysis and 5 suggestions for improving the on-page SEO, particularly around optimizing title tags, meta descriptions, image alt text, headings, and content structure.
  • Prompt 4: I need an on-page SEO audit of this page [URL]. Can you review the page and point out 5 things I should improve or change to make the on-page optimization stronger, such as issues with duplicate content, meta tags, headings, or media elements?
  • Prompt 5: Can you examine this page [URL] and offer 5 actionable tips for improving on-page SEO factors like page speed, semantic HTML markup, alt text, meta titles and descriptions, outbound linking, etc.? The goal is to identify quick wins.

ChatGPT Prompts to Brainstorm Content Topics

Topic ideation is crucial for developing new content that drives traffic.

Here are prompts for mining ChatGPT for ideas.

  • Prompt 1: Please suggest 10 potential blog post topic ideas related to [niche] that my target audience would find interesting and helpful. Come up with either general topic areas or specific titles.
  • Prompt 2: I need help generating 5-10 blog post topic ideas related to [niche] that would attract clicks and engagement from my target audience while also ranking well in SERPs. Please provide either broad themes or specific titles.
  • Prompt 3: Can you provide 10 interesting, search-friendly headline ideas I could use to create compelling blog content around [niche]? These should appeal to my target audience’s needs and intent and provide value.
  • Prompt 4: I’m suffering from writer’s block coming up with ideas for new blog articles related to [niche]. Can you suggest 5-10 potential titles or content ideas that are both reader-friendly and keyword-friendly based on this target audience: [describe persona]?
  • Prompt 5: Please suggest 10 blog post headline ideas related to [niche] that are likely to generate clicks and engagement from my target audience [describe persona]. The goal is to headline ideas people will want to click and share that can also rank well.

ChatGPT Prompts to Generate Content Outlines

Content outlines help create a structure before writing.

Here are prompts for getting outlines from ChatGPT.

ChatGPT Prompt to Generate Content Outlines
ChatGPT Prompt to Generate Content Outlines
  • Prompt 1: Please create a detailed outline for a 1,500-word blog post on [topic] tailored to [describe target audience]. Include a working title, H2 and H3 headings for key sections, and one sentence summarizing each section.
  • Prompt 2: Can you outline the structure of an approximately 2,000-word blog article about [topic] optimized for [target keyword]? Create a title and include 3-5 major H2 sections with a sentence summarizing the purpose of each section.
  • Prompt 3: I need a content outline for a long-form post about [broad topic] targeting [primary keyword]. Can you provide a suggested title, 4 or 5 major headings (H2 tags), and 2-3 subheadings (H3 tags) under each major heading summarizing the main points?
  • Prompt 4: Please provide an SEO-focused outline for a blog post on [topic] targeting [primary keyword]. Include a compelling title, meta description, as well as 4-5 H2 headings with a sentence describing what each section will cover.
  • Prompt 5: Can you suggest an outline structure for a blog post on [topic] designed to rank for [primary keyword]? Provide a meta title and description, along with 4-5 key sections (H2 headings) and 1-2 paragraphs briefly summarizing what each section will include.

ChatGPT Prompts to Create Content Briefs

Content briefs provide direction for writers.

Here are prompts to have ChatGPT create them.

  • Prompt 1: Please create an SEO-focused content brief for a blog targeting [primary keyword]. Include things like the target audience, the goal of creating the content, requirements like word count and images, key points to cover, and a sample outline structure.
  • Prompt 2: I need a content brief to provide direction for a blog post that ranks for [primary keyword]. Can you create one that outlines the target audience, the purpose of the post, requirements like length and images, recommended sections, and an example outline?
  • Prompt 3: Can you put together a content creation brief for a long-form blog targeting [primary keyword]? Include an overview of the target reader, goals for the piece, length and multimedia requirements, key points/subtopics to cover, and an outline structure with major headings.
  • Prompt 4: Please develop a content brief to guide the creation of a blog post optimized around ranking for [primary keyword]. Provide context on target audience, goals, length, key points to address, and an outline with major sections summarized.
  • Prompt 5: I need a content creation brief for a blog article optimized for [primary keyword]. Can you guide the audience, goals, length, topics to cover, and an SEO-focused outline with major sections and subheadings? Essentially, what a writer would need to craft the post.

ChatGPT Prompts to Generate Page Titles by Content

Page titles (title tags) are critical for click-through rate and SEO.

Here are prompts for optimizing titles.

ChatGPT Prompt to Generate Page Titles by Content
ChatGPT Prompt to Generate Page Titles by Content
  • Prompt 1: Can you generate 5 possible SEO-optimized title tag options for a blog post on [topic] targeting [primary keyword]? Keep titles under 65 characters.
  • Prompt 2: Please suggest 5 compelling yet SEO-friendly title tag alternatives for a page about [topic] with the target keyword [primary keyword]. Keep titles under 60 characters.
  • Prompt 3: I need help improving the title tag for my blog post on [topic] currently titled “[existing title]”. Can you suggest 5 better title options using [primary keyword] designed to generate clicks and traffic?
  • Prompt 4: Can you provide 5 optimized title tag suggestions to use for a blog article on [topic] targeting the keyword [primary keyword]? Please make sure titles are relevant, concise, and compelling.
  • Prompt 5: Please review this page [URL] and suggest 5 better title tags I could use instead. The goal is to optimize for the target keyword [primary keyword] while creating short, engaging titles under 65 characters.

ChatGPT Prompts to Generate Meta Descriptions

Compelling meta descriptions improve click-through-rate.

Here are prompts for optimizing page meta descriptions.

  • Prompt 1: Please provide an SEO-optimized 150-160 character meta description for a page about [topic] targeting [primary keyword]. Focus on being compelling and informative.
  • Prompt 2: Can you generate a meta description for this blog post [insert URL] that effectively summarizes the content, optimized around the target keyword [primary keyword]? Please make sure it’s under 160 characters.
  • Prompt 3: I need help improving the meta description for my blog post [insert URL] – Can you suggest a new description that succinctly summarizes the content using [primary keyword]?
  • Prompt 4: Please review the meta description on this page [insert URL] and suggest an improved version that effectively summarizes the content in an engaging, keyword-rich way.
  • Prompt 5: Can you provide a compelling, optimized 160-character or less meta description for this page [URL] that uses [primary keyword] and summarizes the essence of what the page is about?

ChatGPT Prompts to Back Your Content by Data

Backing content with data improves trust and authority.

Here are prompts for getting data from ChatGPT.

ChatGPT Prompt to Back Your Content by Data
ChatGPT Prompt to Back Your Content by Data
  • Prompt 1: Please provide 5 relevant statistics, studies, or other data points I could cite in a blog post about [topic] to make the content more authoritative. Links to sources would be helpful.
  • Prompt 2: I’m writing a post about [topic] – Can you suggest 5-10 credible data points or statistics I could include to back up key points and lend more authority? Ideally, provide links to any sources.
  • Prompt 3: What are 5-10 authoritative statistics, surveys, studies, or other data sources I could reference to add credibility to statements made in an article about [topic]? Links to sources are appreciated.
  • Prompt 4: Can you suggest 5 recent, credible data sources like scientific reports, market research surveys, or statistics from authoritative sources that I can cite to lend authority to claims made in a post about [topic]?
  • Prompt 5: I need quantitative data to support points made in my post about [topic]. Please suggest 5 authoritative sources like research studies, statistical reports from government/non-profits, or credible survey data I could reference and link out to as citations.

ChatGPT Prompts to Find FAQs Related to Content

  • Prompt 1: Please suggest 5 frequently asked questions related to [primary keyword] that I could answer in an FAQ section at the end of my blog post to provide more value to readers.
  • Prompt 2: If writing a post related to [main topic], what 5 common questions do you think readers might have that I could answer in an FAQ section? Please focus the questions around [primary keyword].
  • Prompt 3: Can you provide 5-10 common inquiries or concerns that customers typically have about [main topic] that I could address in an FAQ format within my blog content?
  • Prompt 4: As I develop this piece on [primary keyword], what are 5-7 related questions that readers would likely want to be addressed based on the subject matter? I’d like to include an FAQ section covering these.
  • Prompt 5: To create a helpful FAQ portion for my content on [main topic] optimized around [primary keyword], please suggest 7-10 questions readers would ask related to the subject and provide a brief 1-2 sentence answer.

ChatGPT Prompts to Write Strong & Effective CTAs

ChatGPT Prompt to Write Strong & Effective CTAs
ChatGPT Prompt to Write Strong & Effective CTAs
  • Prompt 1: Please write 3-4 clickable, action-driving call-to-action phrases relevant to a [page type] on [topic].
  • Prompt 2: Can you provide 5 lively, engaging calls-to-action approximately 10-12 words long for a blog on [subject] aimed at [audience]?
  • Prompt 3: What are 4 calls-to-action you’d recommend using on our [content] about [topic] to compel the reader to [desired action]? Limit to single sentences.
  • Prompt 4: Please draft 3 short, punchy call-to-action phrases of 8 words or less to use in our content promoting . Focus on action verbs.
  • Prompt 5: Generate 5 concise, compelling call-to-action sentences no more than 10 words long to include in my [page] on [topic] to drive conversions.

ChatGPT Prompts to Generate Alt Texts

  • Prompt 1: Please write SEO-optimized alt text of 125 characters or less describing this image of [describe image subject and features].
  • Prompt 2: Can you generate descriptive, keyword-rich alt text under 140 characters for an image of [describe subject matter]?
  • Prompt 3: Please draft concise, engaging alt text under 120 characters summarizing this [type of image] of [describe subject matter], optimized for [keyword].
  • Prompt 4: What is some keyword-focused alt text but in natural language for a photo of [describe image details] – keep it below 125 characters.
  • Prompt 5: I need alt text under 130 characters for an image depicting [details of image]. Can you suggest alt text that concisely summarizes the image and includes [target keyword]?

ChatGPT Prompts to Win Featured Snippets Using NLP Content

ChatGPT Prompt to Win Featured Snippets Using NLP Content
ChatGPT Prompt to Win Featured Snippets Using NLP Content
  • Prompt 1: Please provide 5 tips for naturally incorporating the focus keyword “[keyword]” into a 1000-word article on [topic] to help it rank for that term.
  • Prompt 2: How can I effectively optimize a blog post on [topic] to target and rank for the keyword “[keyword]” through natural language and good content structure? Provide 4 specific tips.
  • Prompt 3: What are 3-4 best practices I should follow to seamlessly work my target phrase [keyword] into my [type of content] about [subject]? Provide examples.
  • Prompt 4: What is some advice for smoothly integrating the term “[keyword]” multiple times into my [page] about [topic] using natural phrasing and good contextual relevance?
  • Prompt 5: Please explain 3 techniques content writers can use to naturally incorporate target keywords into their text without over-optimizing or forcing it. Provide examples.

ChatGPT Prompts to Find Topical Gaps

  • Prompt 1: Review our website and provide 5 blog post topic ideas on [broad category] we haven’t covered yet that would provide value to our audience.
  • Prompt 2: Based on these 10 competing sites in [our niche], suggest 5 SEO-friendly content ideas we haven’t explored that users are searching for.
  • Prompt 3: Please identify 4 underserved topics related to [my product/service] that aren’t covered well online and for which we could create authoritative content.
  • Prompt 4: What are 5 informational articles around [my topic] that don’t exist on my site but would likely attract engaged search traffic based on related keywords?
  • Prompt 5: Can you analyze my site and suggest 3 on-brand blog post ideas targeting keywords and topics we haven’t optimized content for yet? Focus on value for the user.

ChatGPT Prompts to Rephrase Content to Get Rid of Plagiarism

ChatGPT Prompt to Rephrase Content to Get Rid of Plagiarism
ChatGPT Prompt to Rephrase Content to Get Rid of Plagiarism
  • Prompt 1: I need to rephrase this 150-word blog post excerpt [insert text] on [topic] for use on my site. Please rewrite the information with zero plagiarism and optimize for SEO.
  • Prompt 2: Please rewrite the following 5 sentences [insert text] about [topic] in a new way using less than half the original words while retaining all the key information.
  • Prompt 3: Can you rephrase this 200-word section [insert text] of my article on [subject] using different vocabulary and sentence structures while maintaining the original meaning?
  • Prompt 4: Please take this 60-word paragraph [insert text] and reword it to say the same thing but with less than 40 words and no copied phrasing to avoid plagiarism issues.
  • Prompt 5: I need to rework this [word count] excerpt [insert text] from an existing article to avoid duplication. Please rephrase the information completely in your own words while retaining all key facts.

ChatGPT Prompts to Generate Seo-Optimized YouTube Descriptions

  • Prompt 1: Please write an engaging, SEO-optimized YouTube video description under 5000 characters for a video covering [describe video topic and content].
  • Prompt 2: Can you provide a search-friendly 150-word YouTube video description for a tutorial video about [describe video topic]? Focus on optimizing for the target keywords “[insert keywords]”.
  • Prompt 3: I need a 150-200 word YouTube description for a video on [topic] that’s compelling, keyword-rich, and includes relevant links back to my site. Target the terms [keywords].
  • Prompt 4: What is an appealing, 180-word meta description for our new YouTube video on [describe topic] that succinctly summarizes the content and entices viewers to watch? Optimize for [keywords].
  • Prompt 5: Please draft a 5000-character or less YouTube description for my video on [topic] that is engaging, kinds of stuff primary and secondary keywords naturally, and uses links back to related content.

20 ChatGPT Prompts for Off-Page Optimization

Securing backlinks via content promotion and outreach is critical for off-page SEO.

Here are 20 prompts to make link building easier with ChatGPT.

ChatGPT Prompts to Find Popular Websites in Your Niche

  • Please provide a list of 10 authoritative websites in [my niche] that accept and feature guest posts so I can connect for link opportunities.
  • What are 10 popular blogs that cover topics related to [my industry] which allow contributed posts? Please include the types of content they accept and contact information.
  • Can you provide a list of 15 industry publications, blogs, and review sites that accept guest contributions related to [my product/service]? Include writer guidelines and submission details.
  • I’m looking for link-building opportunities related to [my business]. Can you identify 10 high-authority websites, blogs, and directories open for guest posts, product reviews, or interviews relevant to [my keywords]?
  • Please compile a list of 20 credible websites, media outlets, and blogs accepting expert-contributed posts related to [my industry/keywords]. Provide any submission guidelines available.

ChatGPT Prompts to Write Outreach Emails

  • Please write a short pitch email I could send to [relevant site] proposing guest post topic ideas relevant to their audience and linking back to my site.
  • Can you draft a 200-word initial outreach email to [site] positioning me as an expert in [my niche] interested in contributing an exclusive article? Mention mutual benefits.
  • I need an email template to send to publishers and webmasters about potential guest posting opportunities on topics related to [my industry]. Please make sure it’s personalized.
  • Please compose an engaging 150-word email to [relevant contact] at [site] introducing myself and proposing [content ideas] I could write to benefit their readers while linking to [my site].
  • Can you provide a template for a cold outreach email highlighting my expertise in [field] and proposing guest blogging opportunities targeting [relevant keywords]? Keep it concise and compelling.

ChatGPT Prompts to Create a Backlink Strategy

  • Please suggest a link-building strategy for my [type of site] focused on building 10-15 high-quality backlinks per month from relevant sites. Provide specific outreach ideas and platforms you’d target.
  • Can you outline a link-earning strategy for my [type of business] identifying relevant directories, aggregators, and news sites to submit to along with initial outreach templates? Assume a budget of [amount].
  • What are 5 link-building techniques you would recommend as part of an ongoing strategy to gain authoritative backlinks for my [website/blog] in [industry]? Be specific on platforms and outreach.
  • I need help developing a link-building roadmap to earn quality backlinks through content promotion, outreach, and other tactics for my [website/blog]. Provide details on targeting relevant sites and suggested timelines.
  • Please provide tips for a link-building strategy to gain 10-15 relevant, quality backlinks per month to my [site] covering [topics]. Include both free and paid tactics like outreach, directories, and sponsored posts.

ChatGPT Prompts to Create Guest Post Pitches

  • I want to guest post on [relevant site]. Can you draft a 150-word pitch and outline for a post about [topic relevant for them] that links back to my site? Make it compelling.
  • Please create a suggested 200-300 word guest blog post for [site] focused on [topic] and optimizing anchor text link(s) back to my [relevant pages]. Outline key points.
  • Can you provide a draft guest post introduction and 3 suggested headings I could send to [site] as part of a pitch around the topic of [relevant subject]? Make sure it provides value for their audience.
  • I need ideas for guest posting on [site] around [topics relevant to them]. Provide a few potential article themes or angles I could pitch that would interest their audience and provide a credible author bio.
  • Please develop a suggested guest post topic, brief outline, and 100-word author bio I can send to [relevant site] as part of a pitch relevant to an audience interested in [topic/keywords]. Make sure it highlights my expertise.

25 ChatGPT Prompts for Technical SEO

Leveraging ChatGPT for technical SEO tasks like site architecture, speed, and markup optimization can be very useful.

Here are 25 prompt examples.

ChatGPT Prompts to Generate FAQ Schema Markup

  • Please generate JSON-LD FAQ schema markup for a [type of site] around common questions on [main topic]. Include 5 questions with search-friendly answers.
  • Can you provide an example FAQ schema markup for a [industry] website answering the 5 most common customer questions about [relevant topic]? Optimize answers for search intent.
  • What is some well-structured FAQ schema markup using JSON-LD for a [number] of frequently asked questions on [website topic] that would help with SEO? Focus on good keyword optimization.
  • I need help implementing FAQ schema markup on my website around common [customer] questions about . Can you provide JSON-LD examples for 5-10 questions and answers optimized for search?
  • Please create a semantic schema markup for 10 frequently asked questions covering topics like [faq topics] to enhance our site’s SEO. Make sure to structure it properly using JSON-LD.

ChatGPT Prompts for Multiple Hreflang Tags

  • Please provide properly formatted hreflang annotation examples to use on my website available in [list of locales].
  • I need help with hreflang implementation for my site which supports [list of regions]. Can you provide the XFN HTML tags for 5 key pages optimized for local SEO?
  • What is the proper markup to use hreflang on a multilingual site available in [English, Spanish, French] targeting [list regions]? Provide the header code and examples for 5 URLs.
  • Can you generate a hreflang link annotation for the home page of our website available in [languages] and targeting [regions]? Please use both x-default and regional URLs.
  • My site is offered in [languages] for [regions]. Can you provide x-default and localized hreflang tags for 5 key pages like homepage, about, contact, etc.?

ChatGPT Prompts to Create robots.txt Rules

  • Please generate a robots.txt file for my [type of site] allowing indexing of all pages but restricting bots from [protected folders].
  • Can you provide custom robots.txt rules for my site to allow full crawling while disallowing pages like [protected pages]? Provide examples.
  • What are 5 key robots.txt directives I should include for an e-commerce site to maximize indexing and restrict pages like order receipts, checkout, etc.?
  • I need help generating a robots.txt file for my [type of site] to limit indexing of non-critical pages like [pages] but allow full access to content, products, etc.
  • Please create a complete robots.txt file for my website allowing bots to crawl all pages except sensitive ones like user profiles, shopping carts, etc. Use crawling delay for non-critical areas.

ChatGPT Prompts to Generate .htaccess Rewrite Rules

  • Please provide 5 recommended .htaccess rewrite rules to improve site speed and SEO for a [type of site] running on Apache.
  • What are 5 key .htaccess directives to add for site optimization focusing on URL redirects, caching, compression, expirations, etc.? Provide examples.
  • Can you generate .htaccess rewrite rules for WordPress that improve SEO through clean URLs, caching, security protections, and speed optimizations?
  • I need an .htaccess file for my [WordPress/PHP/Apache] site enabling gzip compression, cache control, and URL rewriting best practices for search performance.
  • What are the 5 essential .htaccess rules all sites should implement related to caching, security, redirects, URL rewriting, and other best practices? Provide the code snippets.

ChatGPT Prompts to Generate Static XML Sitemap

  • Please generate a structured XML sitemap file for a [type of site] with 50 pages including images and videos.
  • What is the syntax for creating an XML sitemap for a WordPress site with 20 pages and 10 image assets? Provide the full XML code structure.
  • Can you provide a sample XML sitemap file for a small business website with 25 pages mixed between blog posts, static pages, and category archives?
  • I need help putting together a sitemap.xml file for my site with 75 pages and optimized inclusion of images. Can you provide a properly structured XML sitemap file?
  • Please create a formatted XML sitemap for my e-commerce store with 500 product pages that include metadata like page priority and update frequency.

ChatGPT SEO Prompt Examples

Keyword research“Suggest 10 related long-tail keyword ideas around the topic of ‘content marketing strategies”
Meta description“Write a compelling 150 character meta description for a blog post titled ’10 Link Building Techniques for SEO in 2023′”
Content outline“Provide a detailed outline for a 1500-word beginner’s guide to technical SEO”
Link prospecting“Give me a list of 10 websites I could reasonably request a backlink from for my blog post on local SEO tactics”


In closing, ChatGPT can be an incredibly useful AI assistant for executing tactical SEO tasks, conducting research, and developing strategies.

However, it’s important to verify any suggestions against your expertise.

Used properly, ChatGPT allows you to scale your efforts and focus on high-level goals.

FAQs: ChatGPT Prompts for SEO

Can I use ChatGPT for SEO content?

Yes, ChatGPT can generate SEO-optimized content when prompted properly with details on topics, target keywords, and audience. Craft prompts carefully to get useful results.

How do I ask ChatGPT for SEO?

Frame specific questions to ChatGPT as you would an SEO expert. Provide context on your site and goals. Ask for keyword research help, optimized metadata, or content ideas.

What are SEO prompts?

SEO prompts are carefully structured questions to ChatGPT seeking SEO advice, content optimization, and research for areas like keywords, links, and technical aspects.

Will ChatGPT replace SEO?

ChatGPT cannot fully replace SEO professionals yet. Its suggestions require human verification. But it can enhance efforts through automated assistance and idea generation.

Why not use ChatGPT for SEO?

Over-reliance on ChatGPT for SEO content risks low-quality output. Use it as a starting point, provide prompts with care, and verify its suggestions against your expertise.

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