30+ BEST ChatGPT Prompts for Sales 2023 (Seal More Deals!)

Sick of spending hours crafting sales emails that go ignored?

Struggling to generate hot leads or close deals?

ChatGPT Prompts for Sales
ChatGPT Prompts for Sales

Unlock the power of ChatGPT to effortlessly create compelling pitches, find qualified prospects and boost revenue with this guide on “Best ChatGPT Prompts for Sales”.

Save time and blow past your quotas.

Can ChatGPT Be Used in Sales?

ChatGPT is a powerful language model capable of understanding natural conversations and generating human-like responses.

This makes it well-suited for sales applications where nuanced communication is key.

While ChatGPT cannot fully replace human sales reps, it can be used to augment many sales activities.

What are ChatGPT Prompts?
6 Steps to achieve best ChatGPT Prompts

The right prompts can help salespeople craft better pitches, analyze data, generate leads, and more.

Here are some key ways ChatGPT can support sales teams:

  • Assist in drafting sales emails and cold outreach messages
  • Provide data-driven insights for sales forecasting and reporting
  • Optimize CRM systems by updating records and contact info
  • Generate ideas to improve team training and onboarding
  • Enhance sales materials like presentations and one-pagers
  • Suggest tailored cross-sell/upsell offers for clients
  • Analyze call transcripts to identify areas for improvement

The key is using specific prompts that clearly explain the intent and context.

With some creativity, ChatGPT can become a salesperson’s AI-powered assistant.

How Salespeople Can Use ChatGPT?

There are many ways savvy sales professionals can use ChatGPT prompts to boost their productivity and performance.

Benefits of using ChatGPT
Benefits of using ChatGPT

Here are some of the top use cases:

  • Crafting better sales emails and cold outreach messages. ChatGPT can help write clear, benefit-focused emails tailored to different prospects.
  • Generating leads and identifying potential customers. Prompts can help find contact info, company insights, and conversation starters for outbound sales.
  • Optimizing CRM systems. By using prompts, ChatGPT can help update account records, fix data issues, and provide analysis to streamline CRM workflows.
  • Improving sales calls and pitches. ChatGPT can analyze call transcripts to identify areas for improvement and craft tailored value propositions.
  • Enhancing training and onboarding. Prompts can generate sales playbooks, FAQs, tutorials, and other collateral to ramp up new sales hires.
  • Conducting competitive research. Ask ChatGPT to compare product offerings, pricing, and messaging against competitors to inform strategy.
  • Creating better sales collateral and proposals. Use prompts to generate polished one-pagers, presentations, demos, and proposal docs adapted to each client.

The applications are vast, especially for prompt-savvy salespeople.

Next, we’ll explore some of the most effective prompts to skyrocket sales performance.

30 Best ChatGPT Prompts for Sales

Crafting Effective Sales Pitches With ChatGPT Prompts

One of the most valuable applications of ChatGPT for sales teams is crafting better value propositions and sales pitches tailored to specific customers.

ChatGPT Prompt Screenshot #1 Crafting Effective Sales Pitches With ChatGPT Prompts
ChatGPT Prompt Screenshot #1

Here are some sample prompts salespeople can use:

  • Help me craft a cold email to set up an intro call with a [customer industry] company. Focus the pitch on how our product can help them [key customer pain point].
  • Write a one-paragraph value proposition highlighting the benefits of our for [customer segment]. Focus on how we can help them [customer goal].
  • Generate 3-4 key talking points I can use to pitch our to [customer industry] prospects over the phone. Emphasize how we can [key benefit].
  • Help me create a closing statement to use when pitching to [customer segment]. Summarize why we are the best solution for their needs.
  • Analyze this sales call transcript and identify areas where I can improve my value proposition to be more compelling to [customer industry] clients.

Using prompts like these, salespeople can easily generate pitches tailored to different markets and buyer needs.

Prospecting and Lead Generation Prompts

One of the most tedious sales tasks is sourcing new prospects and leads.

With the right prompts, ChatGPT can help.

  • Identify 10 businesses in [city] that would be a good fit for . Provide name, website, and contact info.
  • Give me 5 potential cold email subject lines to use when prospecting [customer segment] companies.
  • Generate a list of 20 [customer industry] professionals I can prospect on LinkedIn to sell .
  • Provide a cold outreach email template I can use to introduce [company] to [customer segment] prospects.
  • Suggest 5 relevant groups/communities on LinkedIn where I may find [customer industry] prospects for .
  • What trade conferences/events would be good to attend to connect with [customer segment] prospects? List 5 options.

Leveraging prompts like these can give sales development reps a running start on outbound prospecting.

CRM Optimization Prompts

Clunky CRM systems can hamper sales productivity.

ChatGPT Prompt Screenshot #2 CRM Optimization Prompts
ChatGPT Prompt Screenshot #2

Prompts can help streamline CRM workflows.

  • Review the account records in this CRM and flag any data inconsistencies or errors I should fix.
  • Analyze the completeness of contact info (phone, email, address, etc) in our CRM and provide recommendations to fill in missing data.
  • Identify accounts in our CRM that have not been contacted in the past 6 months and recommend the next steps to re-engage them.
  • Based on the notes in this CRM, provide 2-3 conversation starters I could use to reconnect with [customer name].
  • Review the deals pipeline in our CRM and assess which accounts are at high/medium/low risk of churn. Explain your reasoning.

Regular small optimizations like these can make sales teams far more productive.

Improving Sales Calls With ChatGPT Prompts

Sales calls are high-pressure situations.

ChatGPT can provide feedback to help salespeople improve.

  • Read this sales call transcript and identify areas where I could have better-handled objections from the prospect.
  • Analyze this sales call recording and transcript. Suggest 2-3 ways I can improve my conversational rapport with prospects.
  • What questions could I have asked during this sales call to better understand the prospect’s needs?
  • Based on this call, what follow-up emails/information would be useful for advancing the deal with this prospect?
  • How could I have explained our solution’s value proposition more clearly during this sales call?

Prompting ChatGPT to review calls gives sales reps an objective third-party perspective they can use to hone their approach.

Analytics and Reporting Prompts

Data-driven insights are key for sales teams.

ChatGPT Prompt Screenshot #3 Analytics and Reporting Prompts
ChatGPT Prompt Screenshot #3

ChatGPT can help analyze results and trends.

  • Review this sales data and highlight the most important metrics and KPIs our team should be tracking each month. Explain your rationale.
  • Analyze the sales reports from Q1 and summarize the key takeaways, wins, and areas for improvement.
  • Based on these sales figures, create a chart illustrating month-over-month sales growth over the past year.
  • Compare the win rates for our sales team by deal size bracket and highlight any striking trends or outliers.
  • Generate a summary paragraph interpreting how macroeconomic trends may impact our sales forecast for Q3.

Equipped with the right prompts, ChatGPT can become a sales team’s AI-powered data analyst.

Optimizing Team Training With ChatGPT Prompts

Onboarding new sales hires and ongoing team training is vital.

ChatGPT can help generate learning materials.

  • Write a one-page primer explaining our product, ideal customers, and competitive positioning to use for onboarding new sales reps.
  • Create an FAQ covering the 10 most common questions received during sales demos of our product. Include answers.
  • Generate 5 example role-play scenarios I can use to practice objection handling with new sales hires.
  • Develop a 20-minute training presentation about our ideal sales workflow from prospecting to closing deals.
  • Write a checklist of dos and don’ts for communicating value during sales calls with our customer segment.

Prompts like these provide an endless source of tailored training content for sales teams.

How to Use ChatGPT for Sales Operations?

In addition to direct selling activities, ChatGPT can assist with key sales ops functions like:

  • Data and Tech Stack Management: Prompts can help analyze CRM data, identify tools to improve efficiency, and automate workflows. This optimizes productivity.
  • Sales Analysis and Reporting: ChatGPT can digest sales reports and highlight trends, risks, and opportunities to inform strategy.
  • Process Improvement: Analyzing transcripts and recordings helps find inefficiencies in workflows. Prompts can generate ideas to streamline processes.
  • Training and Enablement: Prompt ChatGPT to produce sales training materials like playbooks, presentation decks, and more tailored to your offerings.
  • Competitive Intelligence: Task ChatGPT with gathering intel on competitor products, pricing, messaging, and more to help shape strategy.
  • Content Creation: Prompt ChatGPT to generate polished collateral and sales content customized to your ideal customers.

How to Increase Sales With ChatGPT?

Here are 5 key ways sales teams can use ChatGPT prompts to directly boost revenue:

  1. Craft better outbound messaging – Use prompts to make prospecting and cold emails more compelling. Response rates improve.
  2. Make sales collateral more persuasive – Prompt ChatGPT to optimize proposals, one-pagers, and decks to close more deals.
  3. Personalize cross-sell/upsell offers – Analyze account data to generate smart recommendations for additional purchases.
  4. Overcome objections more effectively – Ask ChatGPT to assess recordings and suggest better objection-handling strategies.
  5. Expand market reach – Prompt ideas to tap into new demographics, channels, and lead sources beyond your usual.

With creativity and the right prompts, sales gains can be significant.

But it takes strategically applying ChatGPT capabilities to each stage of the sales process.

How to Use ChatGPT for Sales Forecasting?

Sales forecasting allows teams to predict future growth and trends.

ChatGPT for Sales Forecasting Screenshot
ChatGPT for Sales Forecasting Screenshot

Here are some prompt examples:

  • Based on these sales records, create a [weekly/monthly/quarterly] forecast for the next [3 months]. Factor in any external market conditions.
  • Analyze our historic sales cycle and project how long it will take to close our current pipeline of prospects.
  • Review notes on our existing opportunities. Assess the likelihood each will close and the probability rates for each deal.
  • Compare open opportunities to past deals and identify any unusually long sales cycles that may impact the forecast.
  • Combine insights from sales, marketing, and customer success. Recommend any adjustments to our current sales forecast.
  • Give a top-down forecast based on market conditions and a bottom-up forecast based on the current pipeline. Compare the two approaches.

With the ability to process volumes of data, ChatGPT can serve as an always-on sales forecasting assistant.

Final Thoughts

ChatGPT presents the game-changing potential for sales teams who learn to leverage it.

By using the right prompts, salespeople can craft better pitches, boost productivity, analyze data, and enhance training.

The key is using ChatGPT strategically at each step of the sales process for optimal results.

FAQs: ChatGPT Prompts for Sales

What Is the ChatGPT Prompt for Sales Emails?

Craft a compelling cold email to introduce [company] to [prospect] at [company]. Focus on how we can help them achieve [goal] and overcome [pain point].

What Types of Prompts Work Best With ChatGPT for Sales?

Specific, contextual prompts work best – provide industry, ideal customer profile, product details, goals, pain points, and objectives to optimize ChatGPT’s sales suggestions.

How Can ChatGPT Improve Sales Prospecting?

ChatGPT can generate targeted prospect lists, contact info, cold email templates, and subject lines tailored to your offering and ideal customer profile.

What Are Some Key Tips for Using ChatGPT for Sales Successfully?

Frame prompts clearly, and provide necessary context and details about your product, customers, and goals to get useful sales advice from ChatGPT. Iteratively refine prompts.

What Are Some Limitations of ChatGPT for Sales Applications?

ChatGPT lacks real-world sales intuition and may generate generic, untailored suggestions if prompts lack key details. Its advice requires human refinement.

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