The 45 ChatGPT Prompts Top Sales Reps Don’t Want You to Know (But You Need to!)

Sick of spending hours crafting sales emails and decks?

Struggling to research and engage prospects?

ChatGPT Prompts for Sales Reps
ChatGPT Prompts for Sales Reps

With this list of the best ChatGPT prompts for sales reps, you can deliver drafted emails, messaging, and presentations in seconds to instantly boost productivity and results.

Benefits of Using ChatGPT for Sales Teams

Using ChatGPT as part of your sales tech stack offers many advantages:

Benefits of using ChatGPT
Benefits of Using ChatGPT
  • Saves Time – ChatGPT can instantly generate content like emails, social posts, follow-up sequences, and presentations in seconds rather than the hours it would take sales reps to craft these from scratch. This frees up more time for selling.
  • Increases Productivity – With ChatGPT handling repetitive, low-value tasks like data entry and email templates, sales reps can focus their efforts on having more conversations with leads and closing deals.
  • Improves Lead Research – ChatGPT excels at aggregating information from the web and providing concise overviews of companies, contacts, and industries that help sales reps better understand their target accounts.
  • Generates Personalized Outreach – ChatGPT can craft customized cold emails, LinkedIn messages, and follow-up sequences tailored to each prospect’s role, interests, and company. This level of personalization improves response rates.
  • Enhances Presentations – Ask ChatGPT to write slide titles, bullet points, or even entire sales decks customized to your product, customer’s needs, and presentation goals to deliver more impactful pitches.
  • Provides Training – ChatGPT can generate scripts, objection handlers, and coaching advice on improving discovery skills, negotiation tactics, and consultative selling techniques to help sales reps level up their abilities.
  • Answers FAQs – When sales reps get stuck on product questions, pricing concerns, or other issues, they can quickly query ChatGPT to get helpful explanations to relay back to prospects.

The key is providing ChatGPT with clear, detailed prompts so it can produce useful content to augment your sales workflows.

Next, we’ll explore examples of effective sales prompts.

Crafting Effective ChatGPT Sales Prompts

The quality of the content ChatGPT generates depends heavily on how well sales reps frame their prompts.

What are ChatGPT Prompts?
ChatGPT Prompting

Follow these best practices when structuring your prompts:

  • Provide Context – Give 2-3 sentences explaining the sales situation so ChatGPT understands your goals. For example, mention your product, ideal customer profile, and anything else relevant to the request.
  • Ask Clear Questions – Structure your prompt as a question focusing on the specific content you need ChatGPT to generate. Avoid vague questions like “Write a cold email.”
  • Include Guidelines – Give instructions like ideal word count, tone (friendly, formal, etc), and any must-have info to include or avoid. This guides ChatGPT to respond appropriately.
  • Use Examples – Provide 1-2 examples of similar high-quality content that meets your standards so ChatGPT can replicate their structure and style.
  • Specify Format – Tell ChatGPT exactly how you want the final output formatted such as a bulleted list, slide titles, social post, etc.

45 Best ChatGPT Prompts for Sales Reps

Let’s explore 45 specific examples of sales prompts for ChatGPT across 3 key categories.

ChatGPT Prompts for Lead Research

Researching prospects is foundational to sales success.

ChatGPT Prompts for Lead Research
ChatGPT Prompts for Lead Research

Here are 15 prompts sales reps can use to leverage ChatGPT to simplify lead research:

  1. In 2-3 sentences, provide an overview of [company name], including their industry, number of employees, location, and key products/services.
  2. List the top 3 competitors of [company name]. For each, include 1-2 sentences about why they compete.
  3. Give a 75-100 word company bio for [company name] in a friendly, conversational tone that I could use in sales outreach emails. Mention their products, mission, team, and customers.
  4. What are the latest news events, product launches, funding rounds, or other announcements from [company name] that would be relevant to discuss in a sales call? Provide 3-5 bullet points.
  5. Who are the key decision makers at [company name] that I should speak with to discuss ? List their names, titles, responsibilities, and bios in 3-4 sentences each.
  6. Give an overview of the key challenges and pain points a [job title/role] at a [industry] company like [company name] would face in their day-to-day work that could solve.
  7. Provide a 100-150 word biography of [full name], the [job title] at [company name], focusing on their responsibilities, background, interests, and career accomplishments. Use information available on their LinkedIn profile and other public sources.
  8. Imagine I am meeting [full name], [job title] at [company name], for a sales call next week to discuss . Provide 3-5 conversation starters, questions, or points of interest about their work and background I could bring up to establish rapport.
  9. What upcoming [conferences/trade shows/industry events] would be most relevant for connecting with key decision makers in [target industry] this year? List 3-5 recommendations with dates and locations.
  10. What are the latest developments, trends, innovations, or forecasts shaping the future of the [target industry] industry I should be knowledgeable about when selling into this space? Provide 3-5 key points.
  11. Summarize the key challenges a company in the [target industry] industry faces around [relevant issue, such as cybersecurity, supply chain, etc]. Include an intro and 3-5 key points in paragraph form.
  12. Compare and contrast the key features and benefits of versus [top competitor] in a bulleted list of 4-6 items a [job title] would find useful and persuasive. Focus on our competitive differentiators.
  13. Give a 75-100 word explanation of [complex product or industry concept] that would be easy for a sales rep with no technical expertise to understand and explain to a prospect.
  14. What are 3-5 common objections I’m likely to get when selling into [target industry]? For each, provide a 2-3 sentence response I could use to overcome these objections.
  15. Provide a list of 10 questions sales reps should ask when qualifying [target industry] prospects to determine if they’re a good fit for .

ChatGPT Prompts for Crafting Outreach

Reaching out and engaging prospects via email, LinkedIn, phone, and more is an essential sales skill.

ChatGPT Prompts for Crafting Outreach
ChatGPT Prompts for Crafting Outreach

Here are 15 prompts to have ChatGPT draft customized outreach across different channels:

  1. Write a cold email subject line and first sentence to reach [full name], [job title] at [company name] to introduce our , aiming for open rates above 20%.
  2. Draft a friendly 150-200 word cold email to [full name], [job title] at [company name] introducing our and suggesting a [call/meeting] to discuss their needs in more detail. Mention our ideal customer profile and [1-2 of the prospect’s specific interests/pain points] to show personalization.
  3. Compose a 100-150 word LinkedIn connection request to [full name], [job title] at [company name], mentioning common connections, shared interests, and why it would be valuable to connect. The goal is to start a relationship that could lead to a sales conversation.
  4. Imagine [prospect name] responded positively to my outreach and agreed to a discovery call. Generate 5 open-ended sales call questions to help me better understand their business needs and challenges to determine if our is a potential fit.
  5. Draft a friendly 150-200 word follow-up email to send 1 week after my initial outreach to [prospect name] at [company name] re-stating why our would be valuable and suggesting next steps, like providing a demo or pricing quote. Include 1-2 personalized details about the prospect.
  6. Create a 6-email drip campaign focused on educating [job title] prospects at [target companies] about the benefits of our via a mix of value-focused subject lines, short emails, and gated content offers.
  7. Write a 150-200 word social media post that I could publish on LinkedIn to organically attract more leads from [target industry]. Focus on educating about common problems we can solve.
  8. Compose a 300-400 word-initial response to an inbound lead inquiry email asking generally about our . Address their questions, highlight our value proposition, and include a CTA to continue the discussion.
  9. Imagine [prospect name] said they aren’t interested in learning more about our right now. Draft a 150-200 word email reply aimed at reversing their objection and restarting the sales conversation.
  10. Provide 5 template snippets I can pull into any sales outreach emails to [target industry] covering value props, thought leadership, addressing budget concerns, highlighting ROI, and next steps. Each should be 2-3 sentences.
  11. Generate a cold call script of 4-5 sentences I could use when prospecting into [target industry] companies to introduce myself, mention the challenges we can solve, and book discovery calls.
  12. Write 3 different email templates personalized to [3 common buyer personas] in my target market focusing on their unique needs to set discovery calls. Make each 200-250 words.
  13. Create a template sequence of 10 short, personalized outreach messages across LinkedIn, email, and phone I could use to nurture a lead over 2-3 months to turn a cold prospect into a sales opportunity.
  14. Draft 5 different subject lines and preview texts optimized for a [target industry] audience to promote a valuable [ebook/whitepaper/guide] in an email outreach campaign.
  15. Provide 3 ideas for a unique sales cadence focused on solving [common pain point] that will capture the attention of [target audience], leading to more discovery calls.

ChatGPT Prompts for Presentations

Crafting visually engaging sales decks is difficult.

ChatGPT Prompts for Presentations
ChatGPT Prompts for Presentations

Let ChatGPT do the heavy lifting with these 15 prompts:

  1. Generate a one-sentence slide title and three bullet points summarizing the key benefits of our for a sales presentation targeted to [prospect company].
  2. Create a slide with a title, image, and 3 compelling stats or facts that will convince [target audience] our is superior to competitors.
  3. Write a slide title and 3-5 concise bullet points I could use to explain the unique value proposition of our versus alternatives to [target buyer] during a sales presentation.
  4. Craft a slide with a title and 3-4 bullets summarizing the step-by-step process of onboarding customers to our that I can walk prospects through during presentations.
  5. Provide a slide title and 5 terse bullet points outlining the expected ROI a customer can achieve by implementing our that would grab a [job title’s] attention during a sales pitch.
  6. Draft a slide with a creative title, image, and 3-4 benefit-focused bullet points tailored specifically to appeal to [specific buyer persona’s] needs and interests.
  7. Generate a slide title and digestible explanation of [complex product feature] in 4-5 simple bullet points that a salesperson could easily present to prospects without a technical background.
  8. Create a slide titled “Customer Success Stories” and write 4-5 bullet points summarizing real-world examples of results from current customers in [target industries] using our .
  9. Provide a closing sales presentation slide with a strong title, relevant image, and concise call-to-action bullet point focused on urgency and the next steps for the prospect.
  10. Write 5 potential questions a prospect might ask during a presentation about along with 3-5 sentence answers I could provide to address their concerns.
  11. Give 3 recommendations for impactful charts or graphs I could include in a sales deck along with the key data points and insights they should communicate.
  12. Craft 2-3 FAQ slides answering common purchasing objections a [job title] might have including budget, value, onboarding, and capability concerns to proactively address during presentations.
  13. Generate a slide providing an insightful industry trend or surprising statistic that will capture a [target industry] prospect’s attention, along with a tie-back to how our can help them capitalize on this data.
  14. Give 5 ideas for interactive elements or demos I could incorporate into a sales presentation to bring our to life for prospects beyond static slides.
  15. Create 2-3 vibrant slides for a sales deck introduction providing an energetic overview of our , competitive differentiators, and the presentation agenda tailored for [target audience].

Final Thoughts

Leveraging ChatGPT to generate sales content tailored to your unique prospects delivers a clear advantage.

With thoughtful prompts, ChatGPT can provide draft emails, messaging, and presentations to accelerate your sales workflows.

The key is investing time to craft clear, detailed prompts to get the best results.

FAQs: ChatGPT Prompts for Sales Reps

How Salespeople Can Use ChatGPT?

Sales reps can use ChatGPT to generate customized pitches, craft research-backed follow-up messages, create visual sales presentations, explain product features in prospect-friendly language, draft emails, and social posts to attract leads, and handle common sales objections and FAQs.

What Is the ChatGPT Prompt for Sales Emails?

A good ChatGPT prompt for sales emails provides context about the prospect and product, gives clear instructions like word count and style, and includes examples of similar high-quality emails as a model.

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