100+ BEST ChatGPT Prompts for Resume Writing (2023 Edition)

Writing an effective resume can be challenging.

Fortunately, AI tools like ChatGPT are revolutionizing the resume-writing process.

ChatGPT Prompts for Resume Writing
ChatGPT Prompts for Resume Writing

In this post, we’ll explore the top ChatGPT prompts for optimizing your resume.

What Are ChatGPT Prompts?

ChatGPT prompts are instructions that guide the AI assistant to generate specific text outputs.

By providing ChatGPT with carefully crafted prompts, you can get it to produce customized resumes and cover letters.

What are ChatGPT Prompts?
What Are ChatGPT Prompts?

Prompts act as a starting point that informs ChatGPT about the tone, structure, and keywords you want to be included in the output text.

Well-written prompts help ensure the AI generates high-quality content tailored to your needs.

Can I Use ChatGPT for Resume?

Yes, ChatGPT can be an extremely helpful aid for crafting resumes. With the right prompts, ChatGPT can help you:

  • Optimize your resume’s format and structure
  • Generate powerful summaries and opening statements
  • Select the most relevant skills and achievements to highlight
  • Improve the wording and phrasing of bullet points
  • Ensure optimal keyword density for applicant tracking systems (ATS)
  • Fix grammatical errors and awkward phrasing
  • Adapt your resume for different jobs and industries
  • Create customized cover letters for each application

The key is providing ChatGPT with clear instructions via your prompt.

As long as you give the AI detailed guidelines, it can produce resume and cover letter content tailored to your needs.

How to Use ChatGPT Prompts for Resume Writing?

Follow these steps to leverage ChatGPT for resume writing:

  1. Gather key details about the target role and company. This gives ChatGPT the context to craft an optimized resume.
  2. Provide an overview of your professional background and skills. Giving ChatGPT an introduction helps it write appropriate content.
  3. Use descriptive prompts to request specific sections or phrasing. For example, “Please write 3-4 bullet points to describe my contributions to Project X using powerful action verbs.”
  4. Ask ChatGPT to optimize keywords, formatting, and structure based on the target industry and job type.
  5. Request feedback on grammar, readability, and formatting. ChatGPT can help polish your resume.
  6. Verify the accuracy of the content before using it. Always double-check ChatGPT’s work.
  7. Customize the phrasing and details before sending out applications. Add your personal touch.

Following a prompting and iteration process helps ensure you get a well-crafted resume from ChatGPT.

Common Resume Sections and Prompts

Resume SectionSample Prompts
Objective“Please write a strong objective statement for a resume for a position as a _____”
Skills“Please suggest 5-7 relevant skills for a resume for a position as a _____ and write them in a bullet point list format”
Work Experience“Please write 2-3 concise bullet points to describe responsibilities and achievements for the position of _____ at Company X from Date to Date”
Education“Please list education details in reverse chronological order for a resume for someone who studied _____, including school names, degrees, graduation years”
Projects“Please write 2 bullet points to highlight impressive class/independent projects relevant for a _____ resume”

Benefits of Using ChatGPT for Resume Writing

Using thoughtfully crafted ChatGPT prompts can provide the following resume-writing benefits:

Benefits of using ChatGPT
Benefits of using ChatGPT
  • Saves time compared to writing from scratch
  • Generates optimized content and phrasing
  • Improves keyword density for ATS compatibility
  • Creates customized resumes for each job
  • Helps select and summarize top achievements
  • Fixes grammar issues and typos
  • Provides an extra layer of quality control
  • Allows quick revisions and updates
  • Gives access to up-to-date industry language
  • Adapts your experience to different roles
  • Creates cover letters that match each application

With the right approach, ChatGPT can help take your resume to the next level.

Top 10 ChatGPT Prompts for Resume Writing

Here are 10 of the best ChatGPT prompts for taking your resume to the next level:

  1. I am a [profession] seeking a position as a [job title]. Please write an impressive resume summary positioning me as an ideal candidate with relevant skills and achievements.
  2. Please optimize my resume’s wording, structure, and format for ATS systems and recruiters in the [industry] industry using proven best practices.
  3. What relevant certifications would strengthen my resume for a [job title] role at [company]? Please provide 2-3 recommendations with brief explanations.
  4. I [accomplishment] which resulted in [quantitative results]. Please write this as a resume achievement statement using powerful action verbs and persuasive language.
  5. Please write 3 concise bullet points highlighting my skills in [key skill, key skill, and key skill] specifically tailored for a [job title] position at [company name].
  6. Could you review my resume for any awkward phrasing, repetitive points, or grammar issues? Please suggest improvements to optimize the flow and impact.
  7. I am struggling to summarize my work on [project] in a resume bullet. Could you re-write it highlighting my most relevant contributions and achievements compellingly?
  8. Please generate a cover letter introducing me to [hiring manager’s name] for the [job title] role at [company], custom-matched to the job description. Emphasize my cultural fit.
  9. What are 3-4 accomplishments from my background that would impress recruiters in the [industry] industry? Please write them as resume bullet points using persuasive language.
  10. Which of my skills and achievements is the strongest match for a [job title] role at a fast-paced [industry] startup? Please provide 5 recommendations with brief explanations.

90 Best ChatGPT Prompts for Resume Writing

ChatGPT Prompts for Resume Summary

ChatGPT Prompts for Resume Summary Screenshot
ChatGPT Prompts for Resume Summary Screenshot
  1. I am a [profession] with [x] years of experience seeking a role as a [position]. Please write an impressive 2-3 sentence resume summary showcasing my most relevant skills and achievements.
  2. Please write a powerful resume summary statement highlighting my ability to [key skill], expertise in [key skill], and success [quantifiable achievement]. Keep it concise!
  3. I am targeting a [position] role at [company]. Please create a resume summary presenting me as a culture fit, emphasizing my [x skill] and [y skill] as they relate to the company’s [culture/values].
  4. I am transitioning from [current role] to [new role]. Help me summarize my transferable skills and most relevant qualifications in a 2-3 sentence resume summary optimized for [new role] openings.
  5. Please write a resume summary that portrays me as a [1 key trait] leader with [2 key traits] and a successful track record of [3 key achievements]. Tailor it to [target industry] roles.
  6. I am a [occupation] pursuing [job type] positions. Please generate a powerful resume summary showcasing my expertise in [relevant skill 1], [relevant skill 2], and [relevant skill 3].
  7. Please create an intriguing yet concise resume summary for my application for [role] positions, establishing me as an innovator in [field] with successes in [achievement 1], [achievement 2], and [achievement 3].
  8. As an [occupation], I am targeting [job type] roles in the [industry] industry. Please write an optimized 2-3 sentence resume summary highlighting my most relevant qualifications and successes based on this target.
  9. I have [number] years of experience in a [position]. Please write a resume profile section showcasing my expertise in [relevant skill 1], [relevant skill 2], and [relevant skill 3], positioning me as a leader in [niche area].
  10. Please craft a resume summary statement for my [number] years of [domain] experience emphasizing successes such as [achievement 1], [achievement 2], and my passion for [aspect of work]. Target [job type].

ChatGPT Prompts for Skills

  1. Please suggest 6-8 skills I should feature in the skills section of my resume for [job title] roles, pulling the most relevant examples from my work history.
  2. I am targeting product management jobs at tech startups. Please select 5-7 key skills that would strengthen my resume for this target audience.
  3. Please identify my strongest transferable skills for transitioning from a marketing to a sales role in the pharmaceutical industry. Provide a prioritized list of the top 7 competencies.
  4. I am struggling to do a skills inventory for my resume. Based on my background as a [job title], please suggest 8-10 skills across leadership, technical, and interpersonal areas that I can showcase.
  5. Which of my skills is the strongest match for a [job title] opening at a fast-paced [industry] startup? Please provide a prioritized list of the top 7 technical and soft skills to highlight.
  6. Please provide a list of the top 5-7 skills I should emphasize on my nursing resume to appeal to healthcare recruiters and hiring managers. Focus on clinical expertise.
  7. I have 10 years of experience as a [job title] but need to pivot my resume for [new field]. Please suggest a new skills section showcasing 8 transferable abilities from my background that aligns with [new field].
  8. I am seeking a [job title] role. Please identify 6-8 essential hard and soft skills for this position, and then recommend skills from my background that align, with brief explanations.
  9. Please develop an optimized skills section for my product manager resume drawing from my career history. Include 5-7 hard skills like programming languages and platforms and 3-4 soft skills like communication and strategic thinking.
  10. For a [job title] resume targeted to [specific company], what are the most desirable skills they likely seek? Please recommend how I can best showcase relevant skills from my background that align with their needs.

ChatGPT Prompts for Work Experience

ChatGPT Prompts for Work Experience Screenshot
ChatGPT Prompts for Work Experience Screenshot
  1. I led a project that resulted in [quantifiable results]. Please write this as a resume accomplishment statement using persuasive language focused on contributions and achievements.
  2. I am struggling to summarize my work on [important project] in resume format. Please help me write 3 concise, quantifiable bullets that position me as an asset using active voice.
  3. Please re-write these 3 achievement statements in my Work Experience section using more compelling action verbs and quantifiable data: [paste statements]
  4. I increased sales by 30% in the last year through strategy changes I implemented. Please help me phrase this effectively as a resume bullet point emphasizing my contributions.
  5. Could you please improve the following resume bullet points by making the language more results-driven, specific, and focused on my contributions? [paste 3 bullets]
  6. I am having difficulty articulating my contributions to [project] in my resume. Please help me generate 3-4 clear, quantifiable bullet points summarizing my key achievements in this role using persuasive language.
  7. Please help me re-phrase these 5 resume bullets to focus more on quantifiable achievements vs. duties. Maintain consistency in structure and verb tense: [paste bullets]
  8. Could you rewrite my resume’s Work Experience section to place greater emphasis on leadership, problem-solving, strategic thinking, and data-driven decision-making?
  9. I am struggling to quantify my contributions in this resume. Please help me rewrite my Work Experience bullets to highlight measurable impact using facts/data where possible.
  10. Please review my resume’s Work Experience section and recommend how I can enhance the bullet points to convey my value and contributions more. Suggest quantifiable details and powerful verbs.

ChatGPT Prompts for Education

  1. I recently completed a certificate in [area] from [institution]. Please help me add this to the Education section of my resume in an effective format.
  2. How can I list my master’s degree in [field] on my resume profile to convey the applicable skills I gained from this program? Please provide a recommendation.
  3. I am struggling to summarize my Ph.D. work in [field] on my resume. Please help me phrase my key research focus, contributions, and dissertation topic in 2 concise bullet points.
  4. I want to add relevant coursework to my resume to strengthen my qualifications for [role]. Please provide 3 tailored bullet points highlighting the most applicable undergraduate courses I’ve completed.
  5. I am targeting [job type] roles. How can I best list my bachelor’s degree details to take up minimum space while still communicating relevant details? Please provide an example.
  6. I have completed several MOOCs in topics like [topic 1], [topic 2], and [topic 3] that apply to the [position] role I’m targeting. How can I concisely list these?
  7. I have been published in [number] peer-reviewed journals which I want to highlight on my academic resume. Can you provide examples of how to list these publications in APA format?
  8. Please help me format my master’s degree, licenses, and key certifications in an easy-to-scan skills section of a 1-page executive resume for [industry].
  9. How can I concisely list my bachelor’s degree, graduation date, school, major, and minor in a resume profile section in proper style? Please provide an example.
  10. I’m struggling to list my executive education from [school] on my resume. Please help me format this 1-week intensive program in a clear, concise way.

ChatGPT Prompts for Awards/Honors

ChatGPT Prompts for Awards/Honors Screenshot
ChatGPT Prompts for Awards/Honors Screenshot
  1. I received [award/honor] in recognition of [accomplishment]. How can I effectively present this on my resume to catch a recruiter’s eye?
  2. I was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list last year and want to highlight it on my resume. How should I list such a prestigious award?
  3. Please help me list these 3 awards I have received: [list awards] on my resume in a persuasive way that conveys my achievements.
  4. I recently received an excellence award from my employer for the first time. How can I list this on my resume profile or skills section in a compact yet compelling way?
  5. As a Ph.D. student, I received [award] for my research in [field]. How can I effectively work this into my resume to indicate my early career potential?
  6. I do not have room for a separate Awards section but want to concisely list 2-3 top honors on my executive resume. How do you recommend integrating these?
  7. I have won numerous sales awards over my 8-year career that I think would strengthen my resume. Please help me list the 3 most impressive honors in a simple, readable format.
  8. I am struggling to articulate this award I received in [year] for [achievement] on my resume. Please help me phrase it as a concise accomplishment statement.
  9. Please provide examples of how I can list these two awards on my resume – [Award 1] and [Award 2] – using a clean, visually scannable format that a recruiter can easily grasp.
  10. How should I list being named employee of the month 3 times on my resume for retail manager positions to highlight this recognition of my achievements?

ChatGPT Prompts for Keyword Optimization

  1. Please incorporate the keywords [keyword 1], [keyword 2], and [keyword 3] naturally within my Work Experience bullet points to optimize for [target field]. The flow and readability should remain strong.
  2. I am targeting [job title] roles. Please review my resume and suggest additional job-specific terminology and keywords I can organically add to maximize relevance.
  3. Please add the industry keywords [keyword 1], [keyword 2], and [keyword 3] wherever appropriate to my resume profile and skills section to optimize it for ATS systems. The phrasing updates should sound natural.
  4. How can I incorporate more occurrences of the high-value keyword phrase [phrase] into my resume for [position] jobs while keeping the writing clear and conversational?
  5. I am tailoring my resume for [specific company]. Based on the job description, which of my skills and achievements align with their keywords? Please recommend customizations targeting their needs.
  6. Please modify the verbs and descriptions in my resume bullet points to incorporate keywords like [keyword 1], [keyword 2], and [keyword 3] to optimize my resume for [job type] roles.
  7. I am struggling to add the acronym [acronym] (meaning [definition]) organically into my resume. Please provide 3 example sentences using [acronym] in a way that flows naturally.
  8. Please review my retail management resume and suggest additional job-specific keywords I can incorporate related to merchandising, loss prevention, promotions, etc. to optimize relevance.
  9. My resume is light on keywords commonly used in [industry]. Without sacrificing readability or clarity, please suggest where I could incorporate additional [X] relevant terms.
  10. I am tailoring my resume for [job title] openings. Please modify my professional history bullets to increase the natural inclusion of keywords like [keyword 1], [keyword 2], and [keyword 3].

ChatGPT Prompts for Formatting

ChatGPT Prompts for Formatting Screenshot
ChatGPT Prompts for Formatting Screenshot
  1. Please optimize my resume format for ATS readability – clear section headings, legible font style/sizing, balanced white space, and easy-to-scan bullet points.
  2. I am struggling with the overall formatting and flow of my resume. Please provide suggestions to improve the readability, structure, and visual hierarchy of information for a professional look.
  3. Could you reformat my resume to make better use of white space and typographic elements like line spacing, indentation, and italics to enhance visual scannability for recruiters?
  4. Please help me shorten my resume from 2 pages down to 1 page by recommending formatting adjustments like font, margin, and line spacing changes. Retain all the key details.
  5. I am concerned my resume looks too dense and text-heavy. Could you suggest formatting techniques I could use to improve visual organization like columns, dividers, or bullets?
  6. What are your tips for effectively formatting a combination resume that incorporates both a reverse chronological work history and a strong skills profile for experienced applicants?
  7. Please suggest a clean, modern resume template I can use that will highlight my skills and make a strong first impression on hiring managers in the [industry] industry.
  8. I am having trouble formatting my education details and work history together on my resume. Do you have any suggestions for effectively presenting both in a limited space?
  9. What are the best practices for font style and size for resumes? Also, in what scenarios might you recommend adjusting margins above the standard 1” to save space?
  10. I have a multi-page resume. What techniques can you recommend to make the additional pages feel cohesive and part of a unified professional document?

ChatGPT Prompts for Cover Letters

  1. Please write a compelling cover letter introducing me to [hiring manager’s name] for the [job title] role at [company]. Custom match my skills and experience to the job qualifications.
  2. I am applying for a [position] at [company]. Please draft a persuasive cover letter that grabs the reader’s attention and makes a strong case for why I am an ideal candidate. Emphasize cultural fit.
  3. For this [job type] opening at [company], please write a customized cover letter summarizing my most relevant qualifications and successes. Focus on showcasing my expertise in [key skill 1], [key skill 2], and [key skill 3].
  4. I was referred to apply for [role] by [referrer]. Please help me write a warm, personable cover letter introduction drawing this connection and my interest in [company].
  5. Please craft a compelling cover letter for me targeted to [hiring manager name] emphasizing my passion for innovation and cultural fit with [company’s] mission. I have attached the job description.
  6. Please help me write an enthusiastic, personalized cover letter for [job title] at [company name] that highlights my expertise in digital marketing and writing skills as strong matches for the role.
  7. I am changing industries from [current field] to [new field] and need a cover letter. Could you please draft content emphasizing my transferable skills and motivation for the transition?
  8. For this project manager role, I need a cover letter that positions my cross-functional leadership abilities and ability to deliver complex initiatives on budget/schedule.
  9. Please write an introductory cover letter for my [job type] application to [company] customized from my attached resume. Emphasize teamwork and communication strengths.
  10. I am applying to [specific job posting]. Please draft an engaging cover letter specifically tailored to the requirements in the job description, with a strong closing statement.

ChatGPT Prompts for LinkedIn Profile Summaries

ChatGPT Prompts for LinkedIn Profile Summaries Screenshot
ChatGPT Prompts for LinkedIn Profile Summaries Screenshot
  1. I am a [profession] known for [attributes]. Please write an inspiring, branded LinkedIn profile summary statement customized for my career level and goals.
  2. Please write a compelling LinkedIn profile summary for my 8 years of marketing experience highlighting results in brand-building, thought leadership generation, and strategic partnerships.
  3. I am struggling to summarize my Ph.D. research work and skills in an engaging LinkedIn profile summary. Please draft crisply worded content customized for [field].
  4. How can I craft a focused LinkedIn summary as a new college graduate looking to break into [target industry]? Please write 1-2 paragraphs highlighting key courses, skills, leadership, and motivation.
  5. Please help me enhance my LinkedIn profile summary statement to persuasively communicate my expertise in [key skill 1], [key skill 2], and success driving [business metric] as a [current title].
  6. I am a seasoned [profession] moving into consulting roles. Please help me overhaul my LinkedIn summary to better showcase my cross-industry leadership abilities and strategic problem-solving skills.
  7. Please write a results-focused LinkedIn profile summary for my 6 years as a [job title] highlighting growth in [key metric 1] and [key metric 2] achieved through [actions taken].
  8. How can I make my LinkedIn profile pop for [target role] recruiters? Please suggest a customized summary and/or headline optimized for this audience.
  9. Please improve my existing LinkedIn profile summary below by making the language more concise, incorporating some of my strongest skills, and quantifying my impact: [paste summary].
  10. I want my LinkedIn to better demonstrate my passion for my field. How can I rewrite my profile summary to incorporate more enthusiasm, personalization, and specific examples?

Bonus ChatGPT Prompts

ChatGPT Prompts for Jobseekers

  • I’m looking for a new job as a [job title]. Can you provide a few examples of accomplishments and skills I could highlight on my resume that would make me an attractive candidate?
  • I have an interview coming up for a [job title] role at [company]. Can you provide some likely interview questions and some sample responses I could give?
  • I’m applying for a job as a [job title]. Can you generate a cover letter for me that highlights my relevant experience and skills for this type of position?
  • I’m trying to improve my resume for [job title] roles. Can you review my resume draft and suggest any improvements to the content or formatting?
  • I have an informational interview next week with a [job title] at [company]. Can you suggest some smart questions I could ask to learn more about the role and the company?
  • I’m preparing for a job interview as a [job title] next week. Can you suggest ways I can practice and prepare to ace the interview?
  • I’m applying to jobs but not hearing back. Can you look at my resume and job search approach and suggest any improvements I can make?
  • I have a second interview for [job title] at [company]. Can you suggest some questions they may ask and help me prepare my answers?
  • I’m looking to transition from [current job title] to a career in [new field]. Can you suggest some strategies for effectively making this career change?
  • I’m struggling with interview anxiety. Can you provide some tips for managing nerves before and during a job interview?

ChatGPT Prompts for Job Applications

  • I’m applying for a [job title] role at [company]. Can you review my resume and help me tailor it specifically for this position?
  • I need to write a cover letter for a [job title] application. Can you provide 3 paragraphs summarizing my qualifications and interest in this role at [company]?
  • Can you provide an example of a strong answer to the question “Why are you interested in this role?” for a [job title] position?
  • I have an interview for [job title] at [company]. Can you suggest 5 questions I should ask the interviewer to demonstrate my interest?
  • I’m preparing for a phone screening for [job title] at [company]. Can you provide 5 likely questions they may ask along with sample responses?
  • Can you provide examples of how I could answer the question “What is your greatest weakness?” in an upcoming interview for [job title]?
  • I need help writing a thank you note after my interview for [job title] at [company]. Can you draft a paragraph thanking them and reiterating my interest?
  • What are some good strategies for following up after applying for a [job title] if I haven’t heard back after [X] weeks?
  • I’m having trouble deciding which [job title] opening to apply for. Can you list the pros and cons of these two roles at [company]?
  • Can you review my LinkedIn profile and suggest any improvements to make me stand out as a [job title] applicant?

Pros and Cons of Using ChatGPT Prompts for Writing Resumes

Using well-crafted ChatGPT prompts provides the following resume writing advantages:


  • Saves significant time versus writing from scratch
  • Generates optimized language and phrasing
  • Helps create customized, targeted resumes quickly
  • Improves keyword density for ATS friendliness
  • Fixes typos, grammar issues, and awkward phrasing
  • Allows rapid revisions and updates
  • Provides an unbiased second pair of eyes to improve quality


  • Cannot fact-check details or confirm the accuracy
  • Some lack of creativity or personal touch
  • Risk of Over-dependence on AI
  • Requires careful prompt engineering
  • Output requires human review before use
  • Does not replace traditional resume advice

The ideal approach is to use ChatGPT as a resume enhancement tool, not a complete substitute for your writing and editing.

Crafting an Effective Resume Summary With ChatGPT

Your resume summary (or profile) is often the first section seen by recruiters. An effective summary establishes your top skills, achievements, and value proposition.

Resume Summary With ChatGPT Prompt Screenshot
Resume Summary With ChatGPT Prompt Screenshot

Follow these tips to craft a compelling resume summary using ChatGPT:

  • Provide a brief professional overview and target job goals

Ex: “I am a marketing manager with 5 years experience. I am targeting product marketing roles at technology companies.”

  • Request a powerful opening statement tailored to your industry and experience level

Ex: “Please write an impressive resume summary positioning me as an accomplished marketing leader in the technology sector.”

  • Ask ChatGPT to highlight 3-4 defining soft and hard skills

Ex: “Please incorporate my strengths in digital marketing strategy, cross-team leadership, and product launch execution.”

  • Specify quantifiable achievements or metrics where possible

Ex: “I contributed to campaigns that increased customer signups by 15%.”

  • Reinforce culture fit and passion where relevant

Ex: “I thrive in innovative cultures focused on developing cutting-edge technologies.”

  • Keep it concise! Summaries should be 2-4 sentences at most.

Review ChatGPT’s suggestions objectively and refine the phrasing to perfection.

With the right prompts, the AI assistant can craft an optimal resume summary showcasing your value and strengths.

Using ChatGPT to Optimize Your Resume’s Keyword Density

Keyword optimization is crucial for positioning your resume for success with applicant tracking systems.

Follow these steps to leverage ChatGPT for improving keyword density:

  1. Research the target role and identify key hard skills, abilities, certifications, and specialized terminology.
  2. Make a list of 8-10 prioritized keywords you want to incorporate.
  3. Ask ChatGPT to add the most relevant keywords naturally into your resume bullet points and descriptions.

Example prompt:
“Please add the keywords ‘Tableau’, ‘SQL’, ‘data visualization’, and ‘analytics’ to my resume where appropriate to optimize for business intelligence roles.”

  1. Have ChatGPT recommend additional industry terms and keywords to incorporate based on your target job and industry.
  2. Request that ChatGPT assess your current resume’s keyword density versus best practices, and suggest improvements.
  3. Review the AI’s recommendations objectively, and refine the phrasing for an optimized, natural keyword flow.
  4. Run your updated resume through Jobscan or similar tools to confirm improved ATS compatibility.

With strategic prompting, ChatGPT can take the grunt work out of keyword optimization while producing resume copy that flows naturally.

ChatGPT Tips for Formatting Your Resume

An optimized resume format is vital for readability and showcasing your qualifications. Here are some effective prompting tips:

  • Ask ChatGPT to recommend ideal fonts, margins, and styling for your target industry. Conservative or modern?

Ex: “Please suggest formatting guidelines for finance industry resumes.”

  • Have ChatGPT create clear, visually defined sections with heading statements.

Ex: “Please add a ‘Key Skills’ section highlighting my areas of expertise.”

  • Use bullets and parallel structure for achievement statements.

Ex: “Please reformat my achievement statements into easy-to-scan bullet points.”

  • Request suggestions to reduce dense paragraphs into more scannable formats.

Ex: “How can I reformat the ‘Employment History’ section for better readability?”

  • Seek feedback on the use of italics, bolding, and other typographic elements to highlight important details.
  • Verify final formatting is ATS-friendly before sending any resumes.

With ChatGPT’s help, you can create a polished, professional resume perfectly tailored to your industry.

Pay close attention to formatting prompts for the best results.

Fixing Resume Mistakes With ChatGPT

Even the most perfect resume can contain subtle mistakes. Here are some ways ChatGPT can help you fix them:

Typos and Grammatical Errors

Have ChatGPT thoroughly review your resume and highlight any typos, grammar issues, misspellings, or awkward phrasing for correction.

Weak Action Verbs

Ask ChatGPT to suggest more powerful action verbs to replace any weak phrasing in your bullet points.

Ex: “Oversaw” instead of “managed.”

Lack of Quantification

Prompt ChatGPT to add relevant metrics, percentages, or numbers to your achievement statements.

Ex: “Increased sales by 20%” vs. “Increased sales.”

Lengthy, Dense Blocks

Request ChatGPT’s recommendations for breaking up lengthy paragraphs into shorter, punchier statements.

Removing Repetition

If you notice repetition, ask ChatGPT to re-phrase or consolidate bullet points to avoid overlaps.

With thoughtful prompting, ChatGPT can refine and elevate your resume content, leaving you with a polished final product ready for job applications.

What Will Employers Think About Using ChatGPT With Your Resume?

Understandably, some job seekers may be hesitant about using AI to craft their resume, worrying how employers might perceive it. In reality, the reception is likely to be quite positive.

Here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Employers care about results, not process. They are most interested in an exceptional resume showcasing your achievements.
  • Leveraging technology to be more productive is a plus. It shows you know modern tools.
  • AI can help create well-written content, but your unique experiences still differentiate you.
  • Thoughtful prompting is a skill. It requires understanding the target role to guide ChatGPT effectively.
  • AI-assisted resumes still require extensive human review. You put in the effort to refine and customize the output.
  • Most resumes go through multiple drafts and input from others. ChatGPT is an additional enhancement tool.
  • There are no ethics concerns when using AI to craft honest, factual resume content vs. academic work.

Rather than perceiving ChatGPT as a shortcut, employers are likely to see it as a resource for optimization.

Final Thoughts

ChatGPT can be an invaluable asset for job seekers through resume and cover letter enhancement.

With thoughtful prompting, you can create optimized, targeted content to impress recruiters and make your qualifications shine.

Use ChatGPT’s potential responsibly to take your resumes to the next level.

FAQs: ChatGPT Prompts for Resume Writing

How Do I Get the Best Results From ChatGPT for My Resume?

To get the best resume results from ChatGPT, provide details on your background and target role. Ask it to generate a resume optimized for ATS systems. Review and edit as needed.

Are the Resumes Created by ChatGPT ATS Friendly?

Yes, resumes created by ChatGPT can be ATS-friendly if you guide resume format, keywords, and sections to include. Ask it to optimize for automated systems.

Can ChatGPT Write a Resume for Me From Scratch?

Yes, ChatGPT can generate an original resume from scratch. Provide your background, experience, and the desired role. Guide it on ideal resume structure and content.

What Is the Best Prompt for Resume Using ChatGPT?

For the best resume prompt, give ChatGPT your background and target role. Ask it to write an ATS-optimized resume following standard formats and sections.

How Do I Ask ChatGPT to Improve My Resume?

Ask ChatGPT to improve your resume by identifying gaps, strengthening bullet points, adding keywords, and optimizing formatting. Provide your existing resume.

How Do I Use ChatGPT on My Resume?

Use ChatGPT to generate new resume content, improve existing resumes, customize jobs, and optimize for ATS. Provide background details and target role. Review and edit as needed.

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