50+ BEST ChatGPT Prompts for Product Managers (2023)

Sick of spending hours googling and analyzing data?

Struggling to come up with creative ideas fast enough?

Unlock the power of ChatGPT prompts to effortlessly ideate, research markets, create content, and impress stakeholders.

ChatGPT Prompts for Product Managers
ChatGPT Prompts for Product Managers

This guide will save product managers countless hours while boosting strategic thinking.

How to Use ChatGPT as a Product Manager?

As a product manager, here are some of the ways you can use ChatGPT prompts in your day-to-day work:

  • Ideation and Discovery – Come up with new product ideas or features by describing a problem statement or customer need and asking ChatGPT to suggest potential solutions.
  • Competitive Analysis – Ask ChatGPT to compare and contrast your product against competitors by listing out key features, strengths/weaknesses, pricing, etc.
  • Market Research – Prompt ChatGPT to summarize market trends, customer demographics, growth opportunities, industry reports, etc. to inform your product strategy.
  • Roadmapping – Ask ChatGPT to generate a high-level product roadmap given a vision statement, business objectives, and other constraints.
  • Requirements Gathering – Prompt ChatGPT to suggest user stories, acceptance criteria, or other requirements based on a product concept or customer needs.
  • Prototyping – Ask ChatGPT to create mockups, flowcharts, UI text, and other elements to help put together a basic prototype.
  • Customer Feedback – Given user research data or app store reviews, prompt ChatGPT to summarize key customer pain points and desires.
  • Presentations – Use ChatGPT to generate outline slides, interesting data visualizations, and presentation text to easily create decks.
  • Pricing – Ask ChatGPT to recommend pricing models and tiers based on your product positioning, customer segments, competitive pricing, and other factors.
  • Content Creation – Prompt ChatGPT to draft blog posts, FAQs, release notes, ad copy, emails, and other content you need for marketing.

Benefits of Using ChatGPT for Product Managers

Leveraging ChatGPT as a product manager can provide many advantages:

Benefits of Using ChatGPT
Benefits of Using ChatGPT
  • Save time by automating research, analysis, and documentation tasks
  • Gain new perspectives and ideas by prompting ChatGPT to brainstorm creatively
  • Make data-driven decisions with instant access to relevant market insights
  • Improve collaboration by using ChatGPT summaries to align teams and stakeholders
  • Increase productivity by offloading tedious writing and content creation work
  • Validate concepts and strategy by getting unbiased feedback from ChatGPT
  • Enhance creativity using prompts to explore ideas you may not have considered
  • Free up mental bandwidth to focus on the bigger picture vs. getting stuck in the weeds

With the right approach, ChatGPT can help product managers be more effective, strategic, and insightful.

ChatGPT Prompts for Common PM Tasks

Market research“I’m a product manager researching the market for a new {insert product type} product. Can you provide 5-7 questions I should ask to better understand customer needs and market opportunities?”
Positioning“I need help positioning my new {insert product} against competitors. Can you provide a positioning statement and tagline that highlights our key differentiators?”
PRD writing“I’m writing a product requirements document for a new feature. Can you provide tips on what sections to include and the type of information that should go in each section?”
Presentation outline“Can you provide a high-level outline for a product roadmap presentation I need to create? Include key sections and topics to cover.”

ChatGPT AI Prompts for Product Managers

Here are some example ChatGPT prompts tailored specifically for the various responsibilities of a product manager:

ChatGPT Prompts for Ideation and Discovery

ChatGPT Prompt for Ideation and Discovery
ChatGPT Prompt for Ideation and Discovery
  1. I’m a product manager at a meal-kit delivery startup. Please suggest 3-5 new feature ideas or improvements that could enhance our customer experience and value proposition. Consider factors like convenience, personalization, variety, nutrition, sustainability, and cost.
  2. I’m a product manager at an e-commerce company specializing in women’s shoes. Please suggest 3-5 new products or product lines we can add to better serve our target customers. Consider relevant trends in footwear styles, popular brands, consumer needs, and opportunities to differentiate.
  3. I’m a product manager at a B2B software company providing project management tools. Please suggest 3-5 new capabilities or integrations that would make our product more valuable to engineering and product development teams. Consider collaboration, agility, reporting, resource management, and automation needs.
  4. I’m a product manager at a startup building mobile banking apps for millennials. Please suggest 3-5 new features or services focused on financial health, saving money, budgeting, responsible spending, and building credit.
  5. I’m a product manager at a company creating smart home devices. Please suggest 3-5 new device or service ideas for the bathroom focused on convenience, cleanliness, relaxation, tech integration, energy/water efficiency, etc.

ChatGPT Prompts for Competitive Analysis

  1. Provide a competitive analysis on Feedly and Flipboard, two news aggregation apps. Compare them across metrics like user base, revenue streams, features, UI/UX, platforms, customer satisfaction, and market position. Highlight the pros/cons and differentiation of each.
  2. Compare Grammarly and ProWritingAid, two online grammar checkers and writing assistance tools. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their capabilities in checking for grammar/style errors, enhancing vocabulary, improving sentence structure, catching plagiarism, and overall writing suggestions.
  3. Analyze how Trello and Asana, two popular project management tools, compare for features like task management, collaboration, integrations, pricing, UI, reporting, and adoption by individuals versus teams. Highlight the main reasons a PM would choose one over the other.
  4. Compare the e-commerce and delivery capabilities of Amazon, Walmart, and Target across metrics like online assortment, fulfillment speed, delivery options, digital and physical storefronts, grocery offerings, user experience on desktop and mobile, and geographic reach.
  5. Analyze how Spotify and Apple Music compare for metrics like library size, music discovery, curated playlists, social sharing, audio quality, platform availability, pricing/plans, and UX. Summarize the key differences between the two music streaming services.

ChatGPT Prompts for Market Research

ChatGPT Prompt for Market Research
ChatGPT Prompt for Market Research
  1. Give an overview of the current state of the mobile gaming industry. Include details on market size, growth trends, monetization models, competitive landscape, consumer demographics and behavior, and impacts of the pandemic.
  2. Analyze the Latin American market for e-commerce companies. Cover population stats, internet/mobile phone penetration rates, economic conditions, logistical challenges, payment methods, and cultural nuances to consider when entering this region.
  3. Summarize the key trends impacting the digital advertising industry. Include programmatic ad buying, connected TV/OTT, privacy changes, walled gardens vs. open web, the importance of first-party data, etc. What do advertisers need to know?
  4. Give a competitive analysis of the three major players in the ridesharing industry: Uber, Lyft, and Ola. Compare them across metrics like market share, driver count, consumer satisfaction, pricing, services offered, technology, and geographic availability.
  5. Provide an overview of the pet insurance industry. Include details on market size, growth trends, types of plans, popular providers, demographics of pet owners who buy insurance, and factors driving increased consumer interest in this offering.

ChatGPT Prompts for Product Roadmapping

  1. I’m a PM at a SaaS company planning to build a new machine-learning feature. Please outline a high-level roadmap for this project over the next 12 months including strategic objectives, major milestones, and ballpark timeline. Assume 4 engineers are allocated to this effort.
  2. I’m a PM at an e-commerce company looking to improve our mobile app. Please provide a product roadmap outlining the major initiatives and releases we should target over the next 6 months. Focus on enhancements that boost revenue, engagement, and customer retention.
  3. I’m a PM at a digital health startup planning to launch a new personal health record product. Please provide a summary roadmap including the key milestones we need to hit over the next 9 months before launch. Include estimated timelines.
  4. I’m a PM overseeing improvements to our company’s internal HR system. Please outline a roadmap of the major projects and milestones we should target over the next year to increase HR productivity and efficiency.
  5. I’m a PM at a B2B software company that wants to add conversational AI capabilities to our product. Please outline the key stages and milestones we should aim to deliver over the next 9 months for this project. Assume a team of 5 engineers.

ChatGPT Prompts for Requirements Gathering

ChatGPT Prompt for Requirements Gathering
ChatGPT Prompt for Requirements Gathering
  1. I’m building a mobile app for booking hair salon appointments. Can you provide 5-7 sample user stories and acceptance criteria for core app features like user accounts, service discovery, appointment booking, payments, notifications, etc.?
  2. I’m a PM developing a new fitness tracker hardware product. Can you provide 5-7 user stories and acceptance criteria focused on activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, battery life, durability, syncing data to apps, etc.?
  3. I’m leading the development of a smart home security system. Can you provide 5-7 user stories and acceptance criteria covering capabilities like motion detection, camera feeds, mobile alerts, door locks, remote monitoring, emergency response features, etc.?
  4. I’m a PM creating a new expense reporting tool. Can you give 5-7 user stories and acceptance criteria centered on submitting reports, uploading receipts, manager approvals, categorizing expenses, creating reports, integrating with accounting software, etc.?
  5. I’m working on a new streaming music service. Can you provide 5-7 user stories and acceptance criteria focused on account signup, browsing music, creating playlists, streaming songs, offline listening, search, social features, etc.?

ChatGPT Prompts for Prototyping

  1. I’m a PM working on a browser extension for saving web content. Please provide 3-4 user interface mockups showing key features like one-click saving items, organizing content, searching/browsing saved content, and sharing collections.
  2. I’m building a mobile app for home workouts. Please provide 2-3 clickable prototypes modeling the user flow for browsing workout videos, starting a routine, tracking activity, and viewing workout history.
  3. I’m a PM creating a new smart lightbulb app. Please provide 2-3 screens prototyping key user flows like connecting bulbs, creating lighting schedules, adjusting colors/brightness, grouping bulbs, and voice control.
  4. I’m working on an app for restaurant loyalty rewards. Please provide 4-5 mockup screens showing account signup, finding restaurants, earning rewards, redeeming offers, push notifications, and profiles.
  5. I’m a PM designing a new personal budgeting app. Please provide 3-4 screens prototyping the flows for linking accounts, categorizing spending, viewing reports, setting budgets and alerts, and tracking goals.

ChatGPT Prompts for Customer Feedback

ChatGPT Prompt for Customer Feedback
ChatGPT Prompt for Customer Feedback
  1. Summarize the key customer pain points and desired improvements based on these app store reviews of a leading messaging app: [insert 8-10 verbatim app reviews, a mix of positive and negative feedback]
  2. Analyze this user research data from 15 interviews with customers of an online bank. Identify the top 3-4 most common complaints, suggested features, and areas for improvement mentioned by users. [insert a summary of interview responses]
  3. Here are 50 one-star reviews of a popular food delivery app. Synthesize the customers’ biggest frustrations and recommended enhancements based on these reviews related to ordering, delivery speed, food accuracy, promotions, etc. [insert 50 one-star app reviews]
  4. We conducted 5 focus groups with users of our fitness-tracking app. Summarize the most desired new features, major usability issues, and key takeaways on how we can increase customer satisfaction based on the focus group findings. [insert a summary of focus group feedback]
  5. We surveyed 500 users of our video streaming service. What were the key requested features and areas for improvement highlighted across the following aspects: content selection, personalization, UX/UI, reliability, pricing, and support? [insert a summary of survey results]

ChatGPT Prompts for Presentations

  1. I need to create an 8-10 slide presentation providing an overview and roadmap for Project Aurora, a new AI assistant we are developing. Please outline the presentation with key headings, recommended charts/visuals, and brief descriptions of each slide’s content.
  2. Please create a draft slide presentation introducing MyFitness, our new digital fitness tracker. The presentation should be 15-18 slides covering topics like product overview, features, target audience, value proposition, competitive analysis, launch roadmap, and go-to-market plan.
  3. I need a 10-12 slide deck providing a high-level update on Project Home, our smart home initiative. Please outline key slides that cover progress made, current priorities, challenges, 2022 roadmap, key learnings, pilot results, and next steps.
  4. Please draft a 10-slide presentation that I can use to build internal alignment on the concept for CarHelper, our proposed new auto assistance app. Outline key slides covering customer needs, competitive landscape, MVP feature set, go-to-market strategy, resources required, and decision points.
  5. I need to put together a 12-15 slide sales presentation on Forecast, our AI-driven demand prediction tool, to demo for potential new enterprise clients. Please provide an outline highlighting key data, benefits, ROI, use cases, differentiators, and pricing plans I should cover.

ChatGPT Prompts for Pricing

ChatGPT Prompt for Pricing
ChatGPT Prompt for Pricing
  1. I manage a cloud storage product. Please recommend appropriate pricing tiers and models for the key customer segments of consumers, freelancers, and businesses (SMBs and enterprises). Factor in competitive pricing, storage needs, features, willingness to pay, etc.
  2. We offer a suite of software tools for graphic designers. Please suggest how we should price individual tools, bundles/suites, and enterprise plans. Consider competitive pricing, customer preferences, usual budgets, and the ability to pay for designers at different levels.
  3. We are preparing to launch a new time-tracking and productivity app for agile teams. Please recommend an optimal pricing model and tiers for small, medium, and large teams to maximize new customer acquisition. Assume a competitive market.
  4. I’m a PM overseeing a new fitness apparel e-commerce business. Please suggest a pricing strategy for our product lines targeted at budget-conscious vs. premium shoppers. Consider customer willingness to pay, cost of goods sold, competitive pricing, and maximizing profitability.
  5. We are launching an on-demand tutoring app connecting students with vetted tutors. Please recommend a dynamic, per-session pricing model based on factors like tutor experience level, subject matter, student age, length of session, etc. The market is competitive.

ChatGPT Prompts for Content Creation

  1. Please write a 300-word blog post introducing our new app DesignBuddy which helps non-designers create graphics, logos, and other visual content through AI generation. Focus the post on our target audience of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and solopreneurs.
  2. Please draft a practical 800-word guide on “Best Practices for Creating Customer Journey Maps” including steps for conducting research, interviewing customers, structuring and visualizing journeys, and leveraging journey maps for product insights and strategy.
  3. Please write a detailed LinkedIn article on “How to Conduct Competitive Analysis as a Product Manager.” Ensure you cover researching competitors, analyzing functionalities/features, identifying differentiation opportunities, tracking market signals, and applying insights.
  4. Please write a 500-word blog post announcing the launch of PayToday, our new mobile payments app. Highlight key features like P2P payments, bill pay, budgeting, rewards, and security. Outline the value proposition and benefits for consumers.
  5. Please draft a practical 700-word guide titled “Pricing Strategies for SaaS Startups” covering topics like market research, customer segmentation, packaging/tiering, per-user vs. feature-based pricing, enterprise plans, and adapting your pricing over time.

How to Optimize ChatGPT for Product Management Needs?

To optimize ChatGPT’s output for product management use cases, here are some tips:

  • Provide sufficient context in your prompts – explain the product, customer, goal, etc.
  • Ask specific, detailed questions vs. open-ended or vague ones
  • Request specific numbers of suggestions, examples, or bullets to structure the response
  • Use clear formattings like headings and numbered lists to organize ChatGPT’s response
  • Include examples of the style, depth, or format you want where possible
  • Ask follow-up questions or provide feedback to refine responses
  • Verify the accuracy of any data points or factual claims made by ChatGPT
  • Cite your sources or provide your research when possible
  • Test different prompts for the same task to improve results over time

Common Product Management Problems Solved by ChatGPT

ProblemChatGPT Prompt
Prioritizing features“As a product manager, I’m trying to prioritize features for my product roadmap. Can you provide examples of prompts I could give ChatGPT to help with this?”
Estimating development time“I’m a product manager trying to estimate how long a particular feature will take to develop. What’s an example prompt I could give ChatGPT to get help with sizing and estimating?”
Competitive analysis“I need to do a competitive analysis for my product. Can you provide a ChatGPT prompt that helps me compare my product’s features to Competitor X and Competitor Y?”
Crafting user stories“As a product manager, I want to use ChatGPT to help me write user stories. Can you provide some example prompts for how to do this effectively?”

Best Practices for Product Managers Using ChatGPT

To incorporate ChatGPT effectively as a PM, keep these best practices in mind:

  • Use it as a brainstorming partner vs. a definitive answer generator
  • Validate and verify any information provided against other sources
  • Maintain a human-centered design process informed by real user research
  • Focus on high-level patterns and insights vs. getting fixated on text details
  • Refine and customize prompts over time as you learn what works
  • Leverage ChatGPT’s breadth, but rely on PM expertise and judgment
  • Balance ChatGPT assistance with independent strategic thinking
  • Ensure transparency on ChatGPT’s role in work products and decisions
  • Test multiple phrasings for prompts to reduce bias or skewed perspectives
  • Safeguard confidential information, don’t provide protected data to ChatGPT

Will ChatGPT Replace Product Managers?

It’s unlikely that ChatGPT and generative AI will replace human product managers entirely in the foreseeable future. Some key reasons:

  • AI lacks the strategic thinking, creativity, and intuition needed for product vision and strategy
  • AI does not have real-world experience, business acumen, and expertise to make sound judgments
  • AI tools are not capable of building relationships, influencing stakeholders, or driving consensus
  • Testing assumptions, validating ideas, and interpreting nuanced qualitative data are challenging for AI
  • AI today lacks the long-term memory and knowledge retention needed for complex product strategy
  • There are limitations to training AI responsibly on proprietary concepts and business data
  • Regulation will likely limit business applications for general-purpose chatbot models

However, AI like ChatGPT will become a powerful productivity multiplier for many PM workflows.

Rather than replacement, successful adoption will be driven by integrating such tools effectively.


ChatGPT is poised to transform how product managers ideate, research, and execute.

Though it won’t replace human strategic thinking, this AI tool can make Product Managers far more productive if applied carefully.

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