81+ BEST ChatGPT Prompts for Business (2023 Edition)

Sick of inefficient workflows and poor ChatGPT results?

Struggling to leverage AI for core business needs?

ChatGPT Prompts for Business
ChatGPT Prompts for Business

This guide reveals the best ChatGPT prompts for Businesses transforming customer service, content creation, market research, and more.

Master prompts that drive productivity and profits.

Benefits of Using ChatGPT for Business

ChatGPT offers numerous benefits for businesses across industries:

Benefits of using ChatGPT
Benefits of Using ChatGPT
  • It can provide quick and customized answers to common customer service inquiries, reducing the need for human agents.
  • The AI’s natural language capabilities allow for nuanced market research and data analysis.
  • ChatGPT can generate high-quality, human-like content for blogs, social media, and other marketing materials.
  • It excels at summarizing insights from data, researching competitors, brainstorming ideas, and other business tasks.
  • The AI chatbot can improve efficiency by automating repetitive workflows.
  • For small teams, ChatGPT acts as a versatile virtual assistant for various business needs.
  • It allows companies to scale operations and workflows without expanding headcount.
  • The technology enables smaller businesses to compete with enterprises by leveling the playing field.
  • ChatGPT prompts can aid in accounting, HR, presentations, lead generation, and more.
  • It is customizable for different users and use cases within an organization.

Common Business Uses for ChatGPT

Use CaseExample Prompts
Market Research“Provide a competitor analysis for [company name] in the [industry] industry.”
Content Creation“Write a 300 word blog post about [topic] tailored for a [target audience].”
Customer Service“Suggest responses to frequently asked customer service questions about .”
Data Analysis“Analyze these sales data and highlight key trends and insights in a report.”
Administrative Tasks“Summarize the key points from this [length] page report into a one-page executive summary.”

70 Best ChatGPT Prompts for Business

The key to unlocking ChatGPT‘s potential for business is knowing which prompts work best for different scenarios.

Here are some of the most effective prompts categorized by business function.

ChatGPT Prompts For Customer Service

ChatGPT Prompt Screenshot #1
ChatGPT Prompt Screenshot #1
  • Please provide a polite customer service response to this customer complaint: [insert complaint]
  • How should I respond to an angry customer who says [insert scenario]? Give a detailed answer that aims to resolve the issue respectfully.
  • Generate 3 frequently asked questions customers may have about [insert product/service] along with detailed answers in a friendly tone.
  • I’m a customer service agent. Can you give me example responses for 5 common angry customer scenarios? Ensure they aim to de-escalate tensions and resolve issues.
  • Help me compose an email to a customer that apologizes for a late shipment and provides the next steps to resolve the issue. Use a sincere, understanding tone.

ChatGPT Prompts For Market Research

  • What recent consumer trends related to [insert industry] should I be aware of when starting a new business? Provide data-driven insights.
  • Act as a market research analyst and summarize key demographics, consumer behaviors, and market size for [insert niche].
  • Please analyze the competition in [insert niche] and provide suggestions for differentiation strategies. Include 5 major competitors and their strengths/weaknesses.
  • What types of questions should I include in a customer survey to better understand purchasing decisions in [insert niche]? Give 10 examples.
  • Provide an overview of the total addressable market and current trends in [insert industry] based on third-party data sources. Cite your sources.

ChatGPT Prompts for Finding Business Ideas

ChatGPT Prompt Screenshot #2
ChatGPT Prompt Screenshot #2
  • Suggest 5 unique business or product ideas related to [insert broad interest/industry]. Explain how each idea solves a customer problem or need.
  • Based on current market gaps in [insert industry], propose 3 innovative business ideas or product concepts that could thrive. Detail the opportunity for each.
  • I’m looking to start a business. Can you suggest 10 product or service ideas that would appeal to [insert target demographic]? Detail how each helps the customer.
  • What are the most promising green business opportunities right now? Explain 5 environmentally friendly concepts, the market potential, and startup costs.
  • Recommend 5 small business ideas suitable for a college student to start part-time. Explain how they could monetize each idea.

ChatGPT Prompts For Content Creation

  • Please write a 300-word blog post about [insert topic] tailored to a [insert target audience] in a conversational blogging style. Include an eye-catching title.
  • Generate a bulleted list of 15 social media post ideas for [insert brand] that would engage its target demographics on Instagram.
  • Create a series of tweets announcing the launch of [insert product]. Aim for 8-10 compelling, benefit-focused tweets.
  • Summarize the key points from this [500-word article/data report/infographic] in a 60-second animated explainer video script.
  • Can you provide initial draft copies for 10 frequently asked questions about [insert product/brand] that could go on my FAQ web page? Ensure they provide value.

ChatGPT Prompts For Data Analysis

ChatGPT Prompt Screenshot #3
ChatGPT Prompt Screenshot #3
  • Review this data set on [insert topic] and summarize the key insights in plain language. Provide clear explanations for any trends.
  • What are the most meaningful conclusions I can draw from this survey data? Generate a summary PowerPoint presentation with charts and essential takeaways.
  • Analyze the last 6 months of sales data and highlight the top 3 bestselling products. Provide ideas for improving lackluster performers.
  • Act as a business analyst and review these financial statements. Provide a one-page executive summary of the current financial position with your assessment.
  • Interpret this competitive benchmark data and share suggestions for how we can improve our key metrics relative to competitors. Provide specific ideas.

ChatGPT Prompts for Writing Business Emails

  • Compose a professional email to [name] requesting a meeting at [company] to discuss [topic]. Aim for 4 concise paragraphs.
  • Generate an email sequence to nurture a sales lead. Include a personalized first touch, value-focused follow-up, and closing message over 3 emails.
  • Help me craft a sincere email to employees announcing upcoming layoffs. Aim for an empathetic, transparent tone in 5-6 sentences.
  • Write an email to [prospect name] introducing my [consulting services/product/business] and asking to schedule a discovery call. Focus on helpfulness over sales.
  • I need a polite email to send to clients announcing a price increase. Explain the reasons in a way clients would understand in 4-5 sentences.

ChatGPT Prompts For Brainstorming

ChatGPT Prompt Screenshot #4
ChatGPT Prompt Screenshot #4
  • Suggest 10 creative names for a [type of business]. Focus on catchy, unique names that evoke the brand identity.
  • Help me brainstorm a list of 25 potential blog post topics around [insert niche] along with headings and subtopics for each idea.
  • Act as an ideation partner and suggest 3 innovative products we could develop to disrupt the [insert industry] space. Explain how each solves customer pain points.
  • Propose 5 outside-the-box methods for how I could market my [insert product/service] beyond conventional digital and print channels. Provide unique options.
  • What are some unorthodox strategies to delight customers and create a wow experience when purchasing [insert product/service]? Suggest 5 creative tactics.

ChatGPT Prompts For HR Tasks

  • Help me compose a job description for a [insert role] at a [insert company type]. Include responsibilities, requirements, and desired qualifications in a compelling way.
  • What interview questions should I ask to evaluate candidates for [insert role]? Provide 5 probing questions that assess relevant hard and soft skills.
  • Generate an engaging, benefit-focused job ad for a [insert role] tailored to posting on [Indeed/LinkedIn/Facebook Jobs]. Aim for 150-200 words.
  • Provide sample responses for the 10 most common questions candidates ask during job interviews for [insert role]. Make them helpful and positive.
  • Suggest 3 activities or exercises we could use during team building events to improve collaboration, creativity, trust, and communication for a group of 10.

ChatGPT Prompts for Business Planning and Strategy

ChatGPT Prompt Screenshot #5
ChatGPT Prompt Screenshot #5
  • Analyze the competitive landscape for [insert niche] and provide 5 strategic recommendations to differentiate and gain market share.
  • Review this business plan summary and identify 3-5 ways to improve the business model and go-to-market strategy. Provide additional suggestions.
  • What is the optimal pricing model and product mix for a [insert business type] using cost-plus pricing? Detail pricing for 5 product/service tiers.
  • Suggest 5 innovative ways a bootstrapped startup could efficiently market its MVP with a budget under $1,000. Provide cost breakdowns.
  • Recommend a positioning statement, brand personality, competitive edge, and 3-year growth strategy for a [insert business type] targeting [insert demographic].

ChatGPT Prompts For Accounting

  • Review these financial statements for [company] and highlight areas of concern or opportunities for improved profitability in a summary statement.
  • What are 5 potential tax deductions a [insert business type] should be aware of? Explain the requirements and savings for each. Provide US-specific guidance.
  • Help explain the difference between GAAP and accrual accounting in simple terms. Provide examples of how each method recognizes revenues and expenses differently.
  • Analyze these operating expenses and recommend ways to reduce costs by at least 30% without negatively impacting growth goals. Detail cuts by category.
  • Explain how to conduct a break-even analysis. Provide a step-by-step overview and template using sample data.

ChatGPT Prompts For Lead Generation

ChatGPT Prompt Screenshot #6
ChatGPT Prompt Screenshot #6
  • Provide 25 original cold email templates aimed at securing a discovery call with [IT managers/bloggers/HR directors]. Include compelling subject lines.
  • Help me craft value-focused social media posts, targeted landing pages and lead gen offers to attract [insert target accounts] in [niche]. Provide 5 of each.
  • What lead magnets or free resources would appeal to [insert persona] at [insert company size] to exchange for their contact details? Suggest 10 ideas.
  • Brainstorm creative ways to get referrals and strategic introductions to [insert ideal customer title] at [insert target companies]. Provide 10 networking tactics.
  • What is the optimal lead nurturing cadences via email and phone to convert a cold lead into a paying customer for [insert high-ticket service]?

ChatGPT Prompts for Team Building and Management

  • Recommend 5 team building exercises to improve trust, communication, and collaboration among a remote team. Explain how to facilitate each via video call.
  • Our team struggles with [insert issues]. Suggest 3 strategies, processes, or activities to improve team cohesion, productivity, and results.
  • Help me create a new employee onboarding checklist covering their first 90 days. Include key training, resources, introductions, and milestones.
  • Generate an agenda for a productive 60-minute team meeting focused on goal-setting for Q1. Include suggested topics, timing, and best practices.
  • What interview questions should I ask as a manager to deeply understand the strengths, weaknesses, and needs of new team members? Provide 5.

ChatGPT Prompts For Presentations

ChatGPT Prompt Screenshot #7
ChatGPT Prompt Screenshot #7
  • Help me outline a 5-7 slide investor pitch deck for a [insert startup type]. Include key sections, charts, and info needed to secure funding.
  • Review this presentation content and recommend design tweaks to make it visually compelling, clear, and impactful. Suggest graphics, fonts, colors, and layouts.
  • I’m creating a webinar on [topic]. Provide 10 engaging but concise slides tailored for a [insert audience] covering what they need to learn in 50 minutes.
  • Generate a slide with compelling sales stats and data visualizations to convince [prospects] they need . Source the latest insights.
  • Recommend 5 interactive elements or activities to enhance this training presentation and keep the audience engaged for 45 minutes.

ChatGPT Prompts For Automation

  • How could we automate or streamline our order processing using workflows, forms, and logic in tools like Zapier or Airtable? Provide steps.
  • Suggest 5 repetitive administrative or customer service tasks we could automate using chatbots. Explain technical implementation requirements.
  • We want to develop a mobile app to digitize and automate field technician workflows like work orders, invoicing, and scheduling. Outline key features.
  • What API integrations could we leverage to automate lead data capture and routing for sales teams? Explain how to connect and configure key platforms.
  • Provide code examples of 5 useful macros to automate repetitive Excel functions like formatting reports, importing/exporting data, and chart creation.

ChatGPT Prompt Best Practices

Keep prompts clear and specificUse vague or abstract prompts
Provide context and examplesExpect it to understand nuanced requests
Check outputs for accuracyAssume outputs are completely accurate
Use plain, conversational languageTry to “trick” the system with strange prompts

Top 11 ChatGPT Prompts for Business

Now letโ€™s review some of the highest impact ChatGPT prompts across key business functions:

Virtual Assistant Prompts

Please act as my virtual assistant and schedule a meeting with [contact] for [next Tuesday] at [3 pm] regarding [project details]. Draft an email to send the invite and add it to my calendar.

Can you summarize the key details from this [sales contract/report/article] in a bulleted list of no more than 5 takeaways?

Competitor Analysis Prompt

Compare the pricing and positioning of these 3 competitors and provide suggestions for how we can differentiate in the market: [Competitors 1, 2, 3]. Give the pros/cons of each.

Content Writing Prompt

Please write a 600-word blog post about [topic] tailored to [target customers] in an engaging storytelling style. Focus on [key features/benefits].

Market Research Prompt

Analyze the market trends, growth drivers, and customer needs in [industry] and summarize the most attractive opportunities to pursue in a short presentation.

Business Pitch Prompt

Help me craft a 2-minute elevator pitch highlighting the value proposition, competitive edge, and traction of this [startup/product] for [investors/customers].

Brainstorming Prompt

Suggest 10 creative names for a [business type]. Focus on catchy, unique names that evoke the brand identity.

Customer Service Prompt

How should I respond to an angry customer who says [insert complaint]? Give a detailed answer that aims to resolve the issue respectfully.

Data Analysis Prompt

Review this data set on [topic] and summarize the key insights in plain language. Provide clear explanations for any trends.

FAQ Generation Prompt

Please draft 5 frequently asked questions and detailed answers about

that address common customer concerns.

Ad Copy Prompt

Write a compelling Facebook ad for

aimed at [perfect customer]. Highlight the key benefits and include a strong CTA in under 150 words.

Final Thoughts

In closing, ChatGPT can drive meaningful business benefits when prompted correctly.

Focus on detailed, outcome-driven prompts tailored to key functions like customer service, content, and analysis.

With thoughtful guidance, ChatGPT delivers human-like insights that save time and boost productivity.

FAQs: ChatGPT Prompts for Business

What Are the Prompts for Business Development in ChatGPT?

Effective business prompts for ChatGPT include customer service, market research, content creation, data analysis, email writing, brainstorming, HR tasks, accounting, lead generation, presentations, and automation.

How Can ChatGPT Help My Business?

ChatGPT can improve business efficiency through automated customer service, high-quality content creation, data-driven insights, and by handling repetitive tasks like accounting and HR workflows.

What Are the Limitations of ChatGPT for Business Use?

ChatGPT lacks real-world business experience so results should be reviewed. It can struggle with complex data analysis and financials. Oversight is needed to avoid incorrect or harmful content.

Is It Possible for ChatGPT to Completely Automate Certain Business Tasks?

While ChatGPT can automate parts of workflows, complete automation usually requires complementary technologies like APIs, bots, and AI platforms. Human oversight is still required.

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